How to grow plants in summers under hydroponic grow tent?


Tips for growing indoor plants and vegetables in Summer

Here are some vital tips to make your plants or vegetables comfortable in scorching summer and ensure their active growth with high yield results using hydroponic grow tent:


Air Circulation:

Efficient air supply is extremely essential for keeping the plants healthy. A fan inside the grow tent with air vent is best option to ensure the adequate air circulation for plants. It can easily mount on walls and their blades spread cooling breeze throughout the tent. You can also use axial fans or active air blowers for air circulation.



It is important to keep an eye on the temperature to ensure the protection of plants from excessive heat. For indoor garden area or plants, grow tent with light cooling kits can reduce the heat produced by led grow lights and thus keep the tent’s temperature down.



In extremely hot temperature during summer, some plants are sensitive to the high temperature. So, it become necessity to bring them inside the grow tent as they are designed and tested to accommodate vegetables and plants in an indoor setting without compromising on their growth.



During summers, pests like spider mites breed and thrive by feeding on plants. Grow tent not only reduce the growth of pests but also prevent them from reproducing by creating hostile environment along with blasting the cold water under the leaves. It will knock the pests off the leaves.


It is vital to monitor your plant growth and progress inhealth on a regular basis. A healthy vegetable and indoor plants will constantly sprout new shoots with nice rich color inside the hydroponic grow tent.