How to Manage Multiple Google Accounts Safely?


If you want more than one Google account, for example, a private Gmail email address and another for work—you may have wondered whether you can use them simultaneously on your Android phone. Yes, you definitely can, and I’ll show you how to set them up so you can manage multiple Google accounts in one profile.

With the Gmail service, you can easily use multiple accounts and email addresses with its native features. No paid extensions or add-ons are necessary. This is the perfect solution if you have pseudonyms (like an author) or want an assistant to take care of urgent emails while focusing on the work that matters.

How to Add Additional Google Accounts?

Let’s assume if you’ve already set up one Google account and now want to add a second one. You need to go to Settings > Accounts and tap Add account at the bottom from your Android device. Select Google from the list. You should have to confirm your device password or fingerprint if you have.

Next, you have to log into your Google account with your email address, password, and a two-factor authentication code. If you’ve set this up, you can now create a new account from the initial login screen. When you’ve signed in successfully, Android will automatically set up your new Google account.

Now we’ll show you exactly how to manage multiple Gmail accounts from a single inbox.

If you’re wondering how to have multiple Gmail accounts in one inbox, it’s very easy, and you can use Gmail’s built-in features to set it up in just a few steps.

Just follow.

1. Submit a request for your second account in Gmail settings

  • Start by accessing the accounts menu in the settings (you must go to the All settings section).
  • Then go to the Accounts and Imports tab.
  • Fill in the name and email address of your other account.
  • Confirm the information before proceeding to the next step. Then send the verification.
  • Now, you need to go to your other Google account and confirm the request you sent from your main account.

Note: Make sure to start with your primary Gmail account before following the other instructions.

2. Accept requests from your other accounts

  • To accept the request, first switch to your second Gmail account.
  • Click on your face (or the first letter of your name) in the upper right corner to open the menu.
  • Find the confirmation email in your inbox. It should be at the very top unless you’ve changed the way you sort emails.
  • Open the email and click on the confirmation link that begins with As always, beware of phishing links.
  • And finally, confirm the request by clicking on the button.
  • That’s all. You should now see a “Confirmation Success” message.
  • You are all connected.

Note: The change does not only affect the browser version. It works automatically on all devices you’re signed in to, including the Gmail app on Android or iOS.

3. Test that It Works

First, click on the Compose button to create a new email. Click on the “from” box to see if you can select another email other than the main one.

If you can see a drop-down menu of multiple email accounts, then it worked. This is the first part. Now you know that you can send emails with aliases.

But what about receiving them? To test it, you need to send an email to the new address and check if it shows up.

If you can see it, it proves the connection beyond a reasonable doubt. The email will appear, even if it is addressed to another account.

You have officially confirmed that you have multiple Gmail accounts in one inbox. And all without having to log in multiple times or go the extra mile.

Repeat the above process for as many accounts as you want. You can use or change any of your accounts from the top right corner account showing the icon. This is much easy as you like.