How to Put Charms on a Cell Phone


Simple Charm Installation

1.Plug the ribbon cable into the phone and into a power outlet. The user interface comes on automatically, but this does not remove any electronic protection. 2. Position the special charm that matches your phone into the front of the ribbon cable. Remove it, using the removal tool provided, and insert the other end of the cable into a small hole at the end of the charm. This completes the installation.


Secure Charms Through the Case

Phones come with protective cases that you can place on the device to prevent it from accidently sliding out of your pocket or purse. Many cases come with their own set of charms that you can add to the case. There’s no need to shell out for a full case and its charms. Just add a nice backing to an existing case. These secure-lock charms are about the size of a penny. Place them in your case and secure them with a metal band or secure clip to prevent them from falling out. Colorful Charm for Phone cases come in all shapes and colors. If you want a phone case that matches your cell phone, or the phone case you already have, buy phone charms that’s the same color as your phone’s color. Choose Your Charm by Color Phone charms come in a wide range of colors and patterns.


Try the Adhesive Option

Used with regular cell phones and regularly, buttons often have lost their shape over time. Common options are Adhesive Dots and Scratch pads from, which contain an adhesive that rubs off over time and do not affect the phone’s hardware. They’re also available in a variety of colorful patterns for children. Try the Buttons Capsule phone cases and tiny figurines also can give a physical “appearance” to a phone. Capsule cases provide full-face protection and hold some storage, so they can complement an existing cell phone case. One of the more popular capsule cases is Slim&Secure, a slim protective case that’s shaped like a snake’s skin, with your phone protected on either side. Slim&Secure is also available in several solid colors.


Consider a Jack Jumper

Let your kids display their school spirit with a Jack jumper. When the jumpers are in place, pair the jumper with a cell phone charm in a color or image that matches the school or even the gym class they attend. Find a Great Pair Take your school spirit up a notch with a Charm Bracelet. These are made to match your kid’s favorite school team or the favorite colors or mascots of the teams they root for. Choose a colorful charm and affix it to a solid wood cell phone charm.