How to recover from dengue fast?

Dengue Fever

Generally, there is a huge population that is affected by dengue fever every year. In order to stop it from spreading, people are suggested to practice dengue prevention steps each year. We all know that stagnant water is the most common breeding medium for mosquitoes that spread dengue. If you are diagnosed with dengue fever, you have to book an appointment with your doctor, and go to the nearest hospital to get proper treatments. Then you need to take a very careful precaution to recover completely. Your daily diet intake will affect your recovery from dengue fever. You can get a fast recovery from dengue fever if you consume the right type of foods. Also, you can relieve the various symptoms of dengue and give you some extra relief besides the medication that was given by the doctor.

The first food to eat for dengue fast recovery is papaya leaf juice. It is a quite famous and well-known remedy for dengue fever. It can help you to treat dengue fever effectively as it will increase the platelet count of patients who are suffering from dengue fever and improves your immunity. All you can do is extract some papaya leaf juice and add it to some water. Then, you can drink it twice or thrice a day for better results. Apart from papaya leaves, you can also prepare vegetable juice by mixing a wide variety of fresh and green vegetables. It is because vegetables contain a big amount of essential nutrients that we need in our daily life. So, it will give you the right nourishment and can keep you healthy at the same time. By adding some lemon juice to the vegetable juice, you can increase the vitamin C content of the juice as well as enhancing the taste of the juice.

Besides that, if you are affected by dengue fever, you need to stay hydrated by drinking coconut water. Coconut water is a very recommended drink as it can nourish your body and helps you to avoid dehydration. Coconut water is a healthy drink and you can drink up to two glasses of it in a day to get a fast recovery from dengue. Many people do not realize that herbal tea contains many properties that are beneficial for our health. In order to get better health, you can choose between ginger tea, cardamom tea or cinnamon tea as a regular drink. Apart from fasting up your recovery from dengue, you also can have a sip of herbal tea to refresh your mind.

While you are suffering from dengue fever, the doctor will advise you to consume a high protein diet in order to get the required supply of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. You can consume foods such as chicken, fish, eggs, legumes and many other dairy products to speed up your recovery. Research done has shown that basil leaves will not only help you during dengue fever, but also improve your overall body immunity towards any disease. You can boost up your immunity by chewing five to six basil leaves everyday because it is an effective home remedy to treat dengue fever. Essential oils that can be extracted from the basil leaves have a natural insecticidal property that can keep mosquitoes at bay.

Finally, the most important point to recover fast from dengue fever is to have a clean environment surrounding your house. You must maintain a clean and hygienic environment at home to make sure that your surroundings are free from mosquitoes because the infection can be spread easily from one person to another person. Besides you can start with some easy steps for example using mosquito nets and using the mosquito repellents in and around the house, you also can always make sure that there is no stagnant water in any area in and around the house to avoid the breeding of the mosquitoes in the stagnant water.