How to Restore Deleted E-mails from Yahoo Account?


Want to Recover deleted Yahoo emails? If you have had a Yahoo email account and if you know the username and password, then you can still retrieve your lost emails. To recover deleted Yahoo emails is not as difficult as it sounds and there are some ways through which you can retrieve deleted data from Yahoo mailboxes. Read on to discover some of these ways and how to use them to recover deleted or lost data successfully.

Process of Recovering Your Deleted Yahoo E-mails

The first and most obvious step that you need to take is to restore the data from the trash folder. This is the next step which will help you to retrieve your emails easily and in a short time. What you need to do is right click on the trash folder and choose restore as default. Now look at the location where you have saved the emails and locate it next to the other file. This will restore the email directly to your computer without deleting it from the recycle bin or the folder.

If you have not done so earlier, then now is the right time to create a new mailbox from the scratch. This is the third step to retrieve your emails. Once you have created a new mailbox, you can type the emails which are already in your electronic trash and see if they are written in the correct format for restoring them. In case they are, then all you need to do is delete the rest of them and move on.

You may have noticed that in the previous steps, there were two paths selected when restoring any data from the trash. In this step, you will select the path where you want to place the file in and highlight it. Now click on the empty square and write the name of the file. The highlighted area will now be white and you will need to type the new path where you want the deleted file to be placed.

To begin the process of retrieving your deleted Yahoo emails, you should close all applications that are currently running. This means that all internet windows, icons and shortcuts on your desktop should be closed as well. After this step, you should open up the Start Menu. Type “Run” and then click “OK”. This will open up the registry editor where you will start typing to locate the path where you want to recover deleted files from.

In step 1, type the following text at the input box: drive:\Program Files\Microsoft\Machine If you know the path of this directory, then this will skip the first step and continue with step 2. Once you have typed the path, press the Enter key and wait for the system to confirm whether the recovery or the restore request is valid. If everything was valid, the system will show a message that the request is under review and all changes that you made in the Recycle Bin will be undone. If it is not valid, you should check whether there is an existing restore point. If the restore point already exists, the deleted emails can still be recovered. You should click on the restore button once you are sure that it is still working. 

When you are done restoring the email, you will see two files: the restore point and the message. You should open up the message and you will find that all your messages have been saved into the new location. You should then click on the restore button to start the retrieval process. If you are unable to get either the restore point or the message to display, then your deleted Yahoo emails may have been corrupted during the restore process. You should ensure that you do not delete any other items that should still be in your Recycle Bin before you attempt to restore emails.


If you successfully retrieved your deleted Yahoo emails, then it is important that you store your emails for future reference. You should ensure that you remember the names of your account holders and you should always know the current location of the messages that you retrieved. You may also want to create a system for the safe-keeping of all your deleted mails so that they will not get lost or misplaced. It is best to store your emails in the Recycle Bin and your hard drive. In the event that you accidentally erase an email, you should ensure that you create a restore point first and then restore the deleted email to that location.