How to Troubleshoot Quickbooks Online Error 102?


Quickbooks automates all accounting and bookkeeping procedures and eliminates the need for human intervention. This program is created and sold specifically for small and medium businesses all over the world. QuickBooks customers can do all of their complicated duties, such as payroll, bill administration, online bill processing, and personalized receipts, in minutes. Sometimes Quickbooks start working slow and sluggish because of glitches and issues like Quickbooks error code 102. In this post, we are going to explain error 102 in detail along with the definition, symptoms, factors, and solutions to fix the error. If you are facing this error read the post to the end to know all these aspects here.

What is QuickBooks Online Error 102?

QuickBooks Banking Error 102 often occurs when your online banking is having technical difficulties, the site is undergoing renovations, or there is a server fault preventing data from being sent between the bank’s website and QuickBooks Online. Coping is not as tough as you may believe. You can easily resolve this Quickbooks error 102 in a simple way that we are going to explain in this post later. But first, we will discuss the causes and symptoms.  So let’s get started.

What are the Causes behind the occurrence of Quickbooks online error 102? 

  • The problem 102 QuickBooks might be caused by issues with browser settings.
  • Wireless network issues with the operating system.
  • As a result of faulty network equipment.
  • When you see the QuickBooks online error 102 on your screen.

Symptoms of having Quickbooks Error Code 102 

  • The user may experience software lock-ups.
  • The Computer’s speed and performance deteriorate.
  • Your computer often crashes.
  • The color of the display screen changes to blue.
  • It’s also conceivable that the software will shut down or restart without warning.
  • Errors in the setup process are also possible.

How To Fix Error 102 Quickbooks?

Follow the method to fix the Quickbooks error 102 in no time.

1: Update Account in QBO

When there are no technical issues or the site is not down for repair, you can manually or automatically update your account in QuickBooks Online to resolve the problem. The following are the proper procedures to follow one by one:

  • Click the Update button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Search for both automatic and manual updates now.
  • Immediately run three manual updates
A: Automatic Update

If QuickBooks Online Server is unable to obtain the most recent information for a certain account, it will try again. Simply try it out a few times to get it within the following 5 hours. You can, meanwhile, transmit major growth information every day, weekly, or at any other time. You won’t be able to choose between ON and OFF Auto Update. You also do not influence goods that have already been downloaded and are ready to be entered into your bank account.

B: Manually Update

If you can’t view the most recent information and after an automated update, you’ll need to update your account manually. To do so, follow the steps outlined below:

  • From the left menu, select Banking.
  • If an account update is necessary, select the “clear unwanted” option.
  • “Update Now” is the option to choose.
  • To update your account, enter your Multi-Factor Authentication and select “Continue.”

2: Accurate Account Detail

  • Go to the left-hand menu and select the Banking option.
  • If this is your first time connecting your account to the bank, go to the Search button and type in your bank’s name.
  • If you’re tied to a bank, go to “Add Account” and check for your bank’s name.
  • Choose your bank from the options provided.
  • Now, click Continue and input your User ID/Login ID and Password.
  • Complete the additional security verification procedures if necessary, then select “Connect.”
  • Choose your bank’s symbol from the drop-down option on the left side of your account and link it.
  • QuickBooks will download online transactions over the last 90 days, as well as banking and credit card transactions, once you’ve linked to your account.
  • Now press the Connect button.
  • You will be immediately redirected to the banking page once the download is complete.

3: Check Account  Information or Notification

After you’ve successfully signed in to your bank account, you may review any messages, notifications, or cautions that your bank has sent you. You will understand why QuickBooks error 102 occurs after going through this material. You may also view your account summary, history, and transactions with ease.

4: Action from Bank

Wait another couple of sessions for the bank to act on QuickBooks error code 102 if this is still unresolved. It may be a technical problem on their end, and they’re working to resolve the problem with your server. So, at the very least, give it 24 hours!

5: Make Sure Your Account is Not new To Bank 

If your bank or credit card account is new, you may see an error code 102 in QuickBooks Online software. New accounts will eventually stop working with internet banking. Determine if this is the problem and, if so, contact the bank for assistance.


Hopefully, you like the above information related to Quickbooks error 102. All the solutions are double-checked and verified by the experts. Following the methods will surely fix the error in no time.