How to wash clothes in the automatic washing machine?


Understandably, hand washing the laundry is a tedious job to do. However, if you have given up on that and have purchased a new washing machine, this article can guide you. An automatic washing machine agitates your clothes in soapy water. After that, rinse it with clean water. Next, you need to set its settings on the control panel. The correct washing machines are energy-savers, deep cleaners, and efficient for your laundry. However, the usage of it might not be so easy looking for you. Hence, we will help you learn how to wash clothes in the automatic washing machine.

How to wash clothes in the automatic washing machine?

The washing machine comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. They have some things in common but shall be used differently. It’s pretty convenient to use semi or fully automatic machines that clean the clothes swiftly and adequately. However, clothes are the most necessary assets. Therefore, you would want to be careful with them. Here’s how to wash clothes without causing any disruption.

  1. Sorting of the clothes

Would you want your white clothes to become a mix of red and purple? Guess not! Therefore, don’t procrastinate and start sorting your clothes. Besides, every fabric is different and requires different treatments. If you wish you can make four departments of clothes. Mainly whites, light-coloured, dark coloured, and denim. While you sort, keep checking the pockets to avert any damage. Also, keep your phone away from the clothes to prevent them from getting washed away.

  1. Check the wash instructions on your garments.

Many clothes have a tag attached to them that suggests the instructions to follow for that particular fabric. Obeying these instructions can increase the lifespan of your clothes. Besides, you’ll understand the type of temperature and detergent you need for careful washing. Some dresses are allergic to bleach, and its information is provided on the tag. Therefore, keep the instructions in mind and refrain from throwing away the label.

  1. Treat the stains on your clothes.

It’s not right to ignore the stains on your clothes and ask your washing machine to clean them. The colours touch the fibres of the fabric deeply. Therefore, you need to pre-treat it for effective removal. Besides, ignoring the harsh stains can make them permanent after the washing process. To treat difficult stains:

  1. Rub it with a brush and detergent with a brush on it.
  2. Scrub it a little and clean it with cold water.
  3. Now put it in your washing machine.
  4. Set the water temperature

Sometimes you set the water temperature according to your clothing’s fabric. But other times, it’s merely a choice. Therefore, you can choose hot, cold, or water settings to wash clothes in the washing machine. Set the temperature to warm water to wash your clothes and to cold water for their rinse. This technique will make your clothes clean and fresh. It’s suggested to use cold water while dealing with delicate and dark coloured garments. The cold water won’t damage or react with the detergent as much as warm and keep the quality intact. However, wash the light coloured clothes in warm water to effectively get rid of dirt.

  1. Set the cycle period in the washing machine

It would be incorrect to wash clothes in the automated washing machine if you don’t set a dedicated washing cycle for your garments. It would be best if you had a specific cycle for each wash period. Not every washing machine has the same features. Therefore, you should read the manual provided during the purchase. However, there are three cycles to know. The first is for delicate clothes, the second is for a quick wash, and the third is for silk and wool fabrics. Most advanced models write the kind of clothes to be washed in a particular cycle. So, it should be easy for you.

  1. Select the correct detergent

You’ll find liquid and powder detergent in the market. The perspectives and choices of the usage of detergent vary from person to person. The liquid detergent is considered more liable and efficient than the powder one. It can clean the garment and not be stuck to it. Moreover, it doesn’t clog the machine and decolour the clothes like the powder detergent. It’s advisable to mix the liquid detergent with water and then pour it on the clothes to prevent chemical damage. Besides, the correct usage of detergent increases the lifespan of the washing machine. Choose wisely.

  1. Choose the fabric softener.

If you wish to maintain the softness of your clothes, use a fabric softener. Of course, not all fabrics need it, but you can use it to keep them wrinkle-free. But make sure to read the instructions on the manual and cloth’s tag. Besides, don’t overuse it.

  1. Drying the clothes

Before you put your clothes to air-dry, use the in-built dryer in the machine. It will save your time and give you access to clean clothes faster. To enable this, you need to put the clothes in the dry cycle of the dryer. First, however, remove the fabrics on time to prevent wrinkles.

How to wash clothes in the front-load fully automatic washing machine?

The fully automated machines work on buttons. They’re advanced and have varied options. You can get the hang of it eventually. Meanwhile, some steps to follow are:

  1. Read the instruction manual and put an adequate amount of detergent in the tray.
  2. Next, sort the clothes and check the pockets and then put them in the washing machine.
  3. Check the space after fitting the clothes. You can check that by placing your hands on the close while keeping the lid open.
  4. Then, set the water temperature and wash cycle. You can also dry them.
  5. Lastly, take them out and sun-dry them.

How to wash clothes in a semi-automatic washing machine?

The semi-automatic washing machine is less advanced than the fully automated one. It has lesser features but works efficiently. The process of washing the clothes is:

  1. First, fill the washtub by a little more than half
  2. Add the detergent for it to get dissolved
  3. After that, separate and sort the clothes and add them to the washing machine
  4. Now, set the cycle of the washing period. Then drain the water and rinse the clothes
  5. Again, drain the water and put the clothes in the dryer
  6. Please take out the clothes on time and put them to air-dry

Final Words

Clothes mean different things to different people. For some, it brings money, and some wear it for confidence. Either way, taking care of them is of utmost importance. First and foremost, you should learn how to wash your clothes. Now, store them properly. Technically, the reason behind you being happy and confident while rocking your garments is your washing machine. It cleanses all your clothes and increases their lifespan. Therefore, keep all our suggestions in your mind. Moreover, make the best use of your washing machine and the saved time.


  1. Is setting the cycle period in the washing machine important?

Yes. It’s an essential part before you let your clothes get washed. The correct cycle settings can maintain the colour and shape of your clothes.

  1. What’s the difference between full and semi-automatic washing machines?

The fully automatic washing machine works merely on buttons and has advanced features. In contrast, a semi-automatic machine needs some manual work and lacks advanced options.

  1. Is it necessary to use the fabric softener?

Fabric softener keeps your clothes soft and wrinkle-free. Besides, it’s your choice to make.