Is it time to refresh your social media account?



We all know the importance of redesigning websites from time to time. Over time, you’ll find old contact information, old photos that need to be updated, or design features on your site that don’t reflect current values. However, while many of us travel fast with our websites, we often don’t pay as much attention to our social media accounts.


It is important to remember that your social media account information must be available on your main website in terms of content and tone. For example, if your business address or phone number changes, it’s not enough to update your website – you need to make sure the information is on your Facebook page or Twitter account. From time to time you need to Buy TikTok Followers, it’s a good idea to check all your social media account profile information and make sure everything fits.


Similarly, if you are changing a name, it is important that you do not mislead your customers and potential customers. Any changes to the board logo, company color or language style should appear on your website along with all your social media accounts. Sometimes we get so caught up in web design that we back up our social media accounts thinking we’ll update them when we have extra time, maybe it’s an indefinite delay. Put yourself in the position of your audience – if you see a business with a specific name that has a specific shape for visual representation, you will learn to identify the company through these visual elements. If you walk into a Facebook page that looks completely different, you may be confused for a while and at worst you may believe that you have the wrong company and look the other way. Is coming


Take a look at all your social media accounts someday this week, update your profile and refresh as needed. It takes a little bit of work to keep everything going, which makes a significant difference to your audience and your brand. In the sea of ​​online brands, it’s important that you give your audience the best opportunity to welcome them wherever they are. When was the last time you revived your social media accounts? Are you trying to keep them fresh?


Peg McDermott is an award-winning marketing communications expert, internet marketing expert and public speaker. Peg Cogo is the founder and chairman of Interactive, a state-of-the-art online marketing company that helps small and medium-sized businesses increase revenue and awareness through social media marketing and search engine optimization.


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Overall, these national pages can provide a valuable reminder of the basics of social media – it’s a conversation. The goal of any professional in this field should be to make this conversation meaningful, mutually beneficial and as honest as possible.