Junk Car and Car Removal and how to sell it in Australia


The world of a car is so vast and deep. According to some statistics that 165,000 new cars are produced every day in the world and about 1.4 billion cars are on the road. Imagine the figures and then think about the industry of cars and vehicles. Believe me, this is beyond our imagination.

What are junk cars and car removal?

Well, today I will through some light on what is a junk car and car removal, their differences and how to get rid of this and make some handsome amount of cash!

In simple words, junk cars are those cars that become old because of use or damage due to some reasons like accidents.

On the other side, car removal is the process of removing, dismantling (all similar words) and unwanted or junk cars that is now not in proper use. It is a bit complicated process as many car parts are recycled and some are hazardous parts are removed.

In a summary, junk car in one word is an “unwanted car”. It does not run and has no such use.

How to recognize a Junk Car?

These are some characteristics:

  1. Age– It must be three years old.
  2. Damage– The car has missing significant parts like the engine, tires, and broken windows.
  3. Registration– Such cars are often missing essential official paperwork or license.
  4. Low value– Keep in mind junk cars have no high value but you can make some pocket cash from them.

As you understand junk cars, now you will need someone to buy from you. Yes, there is Cash for Cars Removal Brisbane is the Australian leading company for buying old, wrecked, scrap, dumped, and junk cars and vehicles. They buy all kinds of automobiles and will do all the paperwork and pick up without a single penny.

Car Removal Process

In the car removal process, draining and dismantling into action. Firstly, they drained off all kinds of liquids because they can hose down and join waterways and rivers, which could be a danger for our environment. Secondly, we took the vehicle into different pieces so auto wreckers can easily identify what parts can be useful and what not. And we can sell those useful parts second-hand.


For car removal, there is a decade old company by the Top Cash for Cars Brisbane. They have an experienced team of professionals who will come to where you have parked a junk car. They will do their findings and will pay you on the spot. They do all the paperwork, you don’t need to worry. Their pick-up service is free of cost.

Why drain and dismantle junk cars?

To answer this very important question is “Earth is our Home”. Yes, we believe all but a few of us take care of it. Top Cash for Cars Brisbane sincerely takes this initiative of removal of an unwanted automobile from you people so that we can keep our earth clean and green. When we disposed of any automobile, then give special care to recycling toxic substances and fluids that can be harmful to our environment. What we do today will have an impact on our future generation. We should make it our responsibility so that future generation has live in a friendly environment. And if we save our earth, we live today and our tomorrow.