Ken Julian Offers a Few Style Tips to Men

Ken Julian Offers a Few Style Tips to Men

Menswear is gradually becoming much more varied, rich, experimental and abundant than before.  Rather than wearing some variation of charcoal, navy, or black, many men are slowly adding more panache to their wardrobe by introducing varying colors and patterns to it. Ken Julian points out that major style sin, such as clashing patterns, poor color combination, ill fitting clothing, and blind trend chasing over often brings down the style quotient of a man and creates a negative impression about them among the people. Hence, to always look impressive, it is crucial for men to give importance to their personal style.

Trending fashion has a place in the wardrobe of almost every man. However, experimentation with these trends should be done while taking personal style and preferences into consideration. Ken Julian says that it is easy to go overboard in fashion when trying to stick to the trends. Rather than blindly following them, people must try to understand what works the best for their personal wardrobe.  Having a good level of awareness of what they are wearing and how they are wearing it can help men to enhance their style quotient.

Here are a few valuable style tips underlined by Ken Julian that can surely help any man out:

  • Try out a new shirt pattern: While a different shirt pattern is not a drastic change in any manner, it does help in adding a bit more panache to an outfit. Certain patterns together with particular hues can help in creating an impeccable looking outfit.
  • Factors like body type and height should be taken into consideration, alongside personal preferences to identify the perfect shirt patterns. In addition to this, one must also be aware of the ideal setting for wearing such shirts. Not all patterns work well in a professional setting.
  • Check out new belts:  A normal looking belt can be ideal for work and discerning formal events. However, when it comes to casual outings, one should try to explore varying types of belt straps and buckles.  A belt can either be used as an accent that flawlessly goes with the rest of the outfit and helps people to achieve a coordinated look, or they can become the centerpiece of the outfit by being in contrast with the rest of it. The latter style is perfect for catching the attention of others.  Gold, brass, and silver hued belts especially are quite popular today.
  • Jewelry: Even though many men tend to be apprehensive about wearing jewelry, there is no need to be so. There are many jewelries options present today, and it can be quite easy for a person to find an inexpensive piece that impeccably suits their personal style. While someone replaces the buttons of their dress shirt with cufflinks, others may wear bracelets that allow them to enjoy a more distinctive look. For casual outings, wearing trendy neck pieces can also be a good idea.

The above-mentioned simple style tips can help any man.