Mens Kurta Designs to Style in Different Occasions


Kurta for men were earlier worn as an ethnic outfit, but today it has become an extremely popular casual wear option. Stylish kurta for men is also becoming a preferred choice for ceremonial occasions. Kurta pajama has become an integral part of modern-day men’s fashion. The garment is frequently worn by dapper young men because it makes them feel comfortable and appear uniquely stylish at the same time. 

As the importance and demand for gents’ kurtas is increasing by the day, several renowned and emerging clothing brands are introducing them in new designs, cuts and styles. 

Sapphire clothing brand is taking the lead when it comes to variety and quality in Men’s eastern wear. It boasts a unique collection of kurta pajama for men and offers something to suit every taste and complement all male body types. 

Mens Kurta Designs to Style in Different Occasions

Mens Kurta Designs Latest 2021

Gone are the days when having a simple white kurta pajama pair in the wardrobe was enough for men. The modern man is in no way any less fashion-conscious than women. Today, men want a different look and attire for every occasion. And since kurtas have become highly accepted as a formal, semiformal as well as casual wear, there are plenty of ways to style it. 

Keeping that in view, Sapphire has come up with an eclectic menswear collection. Visit the brand’s online store and check out their kurta shalwar and kurta new designs in the Men’s Eastern category. From pastel shades to medium tones to solid colors, you will find all sorts of color options on the page. And the variety is not limited to colors. There are ample options in terms of cuts and fabrics as well. 

Wish to keep it low-key and graceful? Go for a straight embroidered kurta in medium grey color or a similar tone. Similarly, if you’re looking for something to wear in the festive season, you could get one of the kurtas in pastel shades with some embroidery on the front. For a more formal look, check out the 2-piece options in the kurta shalwar category. The collection has nice and neat buttoned-down kurtas with matching salwars that completes the look.

Endless Options to Create a Unique & Fashionable Look

If you want to ‘create’ your own distinct look, you don’t need to go elsewhere, as Sapphire has you covered. How? Well, firstly, it offers its customers an unstitched men’s collection where you can find different fabrics of the highest quality standards. Whether you want pure cotton, latha, textured or blended material, you’ll find it all at Sapphire. So pick and choose the color and fabric of your choice and unleash your creativity to come up with something that suits your personality and physique and is also apt for the place/venue you’re wearing it to. In this way, you’ll be saving yourself from the hassle of physically visiting markets to check and purchase the best material. Nobody wants that hassle, and even if you do, it is not recommended doing so because of the Delta variant’s latest layer. 

Other than unstitched fabrics, Sapphire also presents a section of Men’s bottoms in its Men’s Eastern category. Over here you can find different trousers and shalwars to go with the kurtas that you already have or have recently bought. This is a great offering by the brand as it is aimed to provide convenience to the customer. Simply select the color and cut that goes best with your kurta, and you’re good to go.

Last but not least

The waistcoat collection by Sapphire is one that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. This particular item has the ability to add a sense of formality and depth to your overall attire. A nicely fit waistcoat over kurta and shalwar/trouser boosts the sophistication and grace of your look. This is one of the primary reasons why the government has recently made it mandatory for male teachers to wear a waistcoat over shalwar kameez. 

Sapphire has about 6 waistcoat size options available. So you won’t have to worry about getting a baggy one, or one that is too tight. Remember, size is of utmost importance when it comes to waistcoat. If it does not fit well, it will not only make you uncomfortable, but also ruin the grace of the garment.

Sapphire Kurta: An Outfit for All Occasions

Explore Sapphire’s best kurta design for men. Whether it’s a Nikah function, mehndi celebration, formal dinner party or a casual get-together after Jummah prayers, Sapphire has men’s kurta shalwar, trousers and waistcoats to suit any day and any occasion. So explore the brand’s ready-made and unstitched collections without further ado. All articles have top-notch quality and reasonable price tags. Furthermore, the service is prompt and customer-friendly. So pick your kurta and add it to the bag! You can add a note while placing your order in case you need certain specifications. Then select your mode of payment and delivery. Your article will be delivered to your doorstep without any delay or hassle.  Do add your review after you receive and adorn the outfit!