Must-have Accessories For Your New Two-wheeler


Have you recently purchased a brand-new bike and are too excited to upgrade and complement it with the coolest and functional accessories for bike? Here is a list of the best 8 must-have accessories for your new two-wheeler.

Benefits of Accessories for Bike

While bike accessories can seem quite unnecessary and can be overlooked, they do enhance your riding experience while adding value to your life. Here is how accessories for bike are beneficial for you:

  • Safety of the rider

Safety of the rider is the top most priority. Riding gears like helmet, riding gloves, jacket, pants, boots play an essential role in protecting the rider in case of a crash or collision.

  • Vehicle’s protection

There’s also a wide range of accessories that shield the bike against scratches and damage from dust, mud, rain, gravel, debris, from the road. These include tail tidy, bike fairing, tyre hugger, radiator grill, etc.

  • Aesthetics

Bike accessories are a great way to amplify the appearance of your new vehicle. Aftermarket seat cover, handlebar, tail tidy, back seat, tank lift, front fairing, tyre hugger, radiator grill, etc. are all a means to revamp your bike and add a sporty appeal to its profile.

  • Entertainment

In the modern era where cars come with pre-installed entertainment audio systems, bike riders can also enjoy the same experience with bike accessories like phone mount, smartphone charger, smart headsets, etc.

Top 8 Must-Have Accessories for Bike

Here are the top 8 best accessories for bike that every two-wheeler owner must-have:

  • Riding gear

While no one can ever stress enough on the importance of a helmet, there are other essentials that you must purchase. As your palms are also vulnerable to injury when they get in contact with the ground in a crash, riding gloves become necessary. Other riding gear include riding jacket, riding pants or jeans, riding boots, etc.

  • Helmet lock

Considering that a helmet is the most essential bike accessory you can own, you don’t want to lose it. A helmet lock is the second most essential accessory after a helmet.

  • Auto detailing

Proper care and detailing with dedicated products not only allows you to undo the damage on the bike surface to some extent but it also maintains the automobile’s ‘straight out of the showroom’ shine for many, many years. A nice auto wash shampoo, a wax and polish compound, and a few microfiber towels are a few must-have accessories for your auto care kit.

  • Tyre inflator

Under-inflated tyres affect the fuel economy and cause the tyres to wear faster than usual. A tyre inflator with an in-built pressure gauge is a handy device that comes very useful for regular tyre pressure maintenance.

  • Puncture repair kit

A puncture repair kit is another must-have accessory for your new two-wheeler. This one comes handy in cases when your bike’s tyre happens to run over a sharp object on the road. While a puncture repair kit is a temporary solution, it at least makes sure that you don’t have to drag the bike to the mechanic’s shop.

  • Paddock stand

A paddock stand is an essential accessory for performance motorbikes that don’t come with a central stand. Also, if you enjoy DIYs for maintenance of your bike at home, a paddock stand can make a lot of tasks easier. A paddock stand also comes useful in cases when you have to park the bike in the same place for longer time durations as parking the bike on the side stand can cause the stand to bend, rendering it useless.

  • Crash protection

Considering the condition of the Indian roads, there’s always a risk of a crash or collision. A crash protector can be installed that takes up the impact of a crash and protects the bike against any dents. A leg guard is another accessory that you can consider installing as it prevents your legs from getting trapped under the bike.

  • Bike cover

If you usually park your bike or scooter in open parking spaces, then its paint is vulnerable to get dull overtime. While it is best to park your vehicle away from sunlight, this isn’t always possible. A premium cover is a must-have bike accessory. It is essential that you choose a good-quality material as cheap covers can put minor scratches on the paintwork of the vehicle.


So, here were the top 8 bike accessories that you should consider purchasing with your brand-new bike. And if you have finally made your mind and planned your budget, you don’t want to miss the amazing and affordable variety of bike accessories offered by Carorbis is a super comprehensive and wholesome collection of high-quality, authentic accessories for bike and accessories for car online. Hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed reading it through to the end. Have a wonderful day ahead.

Meta: Here is a list of 8 most practical accessories that every bike owner should have to increase safety and appearance of the bike and its rider.