Must-Visit Street Food Places In Mumbai

Street Food Places In Mumbai It

TheyIt is really true when it is said that a city’s pulse can only be truly felt on its streets, and while all the Indian cities are bustling, Mumbai’s pulse is literally racing. Its street food definitely defines the food culture of Mumbai. People from all the economical classes eat from the street food stalls in Mumbai as they serve some of the best local food even better than those classy restaurants. If you are planning to book your Boston to Mumbai flights, then you should surely experience the street food culture of Mumbai.

Here is the ultimate list of the must-visit street food places in Mumbai:

Kheema Pav at Gulshan-e-Iran, Crawford Market

This place is best known for its delicious Mughlai specialties and that too at extremely low prices. The best food dish to try at Gulshan-e-Iran is Kheema pav and chicken tikka masala. Even after having such amazing food and feeling full, you will be surprised to see the bill which won’t even cross the thousand mark. It is one of the best spots to enjoy street food in Mumbai and should be visited by every traveler.

Bun Maska & Mawa Samosa at Mervan’s Grant Road

One of the most famous street foods of Mumbai, especially for regular commuters, is Bun Muska and Mawa Samosa. Just run to the Merwan’s and sooth your taste buds with the best sweet and baked treats. It is a famous place where tourists and working professionals come after work to sip the best Irani chai and taste the best freshly baked cookies.

Chinese Thali at Sahibaan Worli

Everybody is a fan of Chinese food, and in India, you will find a unique blend of Indian fusion to Chinese food. A hidden gem Sahibaan located in Worli, is a famous street food spot where Chinese thali is the best food delicacy. From friend rice to soups to ice tea, all the things at quite affordable prices. The food also comes in great quantities so that you can feel sufficient in the best way. So after booking your flights from Boston to Mumbai, do visit the Worli beach and try the Chinese thali of Sahibaan.

Samosa With Chola At Guru Kripa

The most famous samosa of Mumbai, Chole Samosa, is a famous street food of Mumbai and is very delicious. The fish is served with gravy of chickpeas and is tamarin-y in the taste. It is garnished with onion and coriander, which adds to the deliciousness of this street food. It is a must-try food dish for those who would love to experiment with the Mumbai street food.

Tandoori Delicacies at Jai Jawan

If you don’t taste the tandoori delicacies of India after booking your Boston to Mumbai flights, then you are surely missing out on something. Especially when you are in Mumbai, the most favorite snacks for the non-vegetarians are the different tandoori delicacies that are served at Jai Jawan. The Jai Jawan street food spot has the best non-veg tandoori dishes, which will leave a long-lasting taste on your taste buds. Once you taste the famous dishes here, you will surely become a loyal customer.

Ice-Cream Sandwich At Rustom Churchgate

Ice-creams are everyone’s favorite, so how can you not try the famous ice-cream sandwich of Mumbai at Rustom Churchgate. From black currant to coffee, strawberry, and chocolate, and many, many more flavors. It is one of the most legendary ice-cream parlors of Mumbai, which has been serving hundreds of happy customers every day, and the number of fans keeps on increasing. If you are exploring different Mumbai Street foods, then it is incomplete without visiting K Rustom.

Pav Bhaaji At Amar Juice Center, Vile Parle

Pav Bhaaji is a staple food dish of Mumbai, which is not just the favorite of locals but also for tourists. The best street food of Mumbai, Pav Bhaji, with the best flavors, can also be found at Amar Special Pav Bhaji, which is located in Vile Parle West. Amar Juice and Pav Bhaaji center of Mumbai serves almost 400-500 plates of Pav Bhaji regularly with over 15 varieties of Pav bhaji, and a few of the popular ones are Amar Special Pav Bhaji, Cheese Pav Bhaji, and many more.

Rajesh Corn Corner

Rajesh Corn Corner is a popular street food eatery where you will get the option to taste the best quality of corn which has gained quite a popularity amongst the Mumbaikars. They serves over hundreds of flavors of corn and baby corn. The menu of this eatery is purely and entirely dedicated to corn and corn lovers, where you can also relish different dishes made up of corn. The menus are also available in Jain alternatives so that no one misses out on the taste of the delicious flavors of corn. So if you are planning to book Mumbai to Boston flights, then try the different corn flavors like never before, only at Rajesh Corn Corner in Mumbai.

Anand Dosa and Vada Pav Stall At Mithibai College

The hunt for street food stalls in Mumbai can never end in Mumbai because there is always the best street food stall around in every location. The Anand Street food stall near the Mithibai college serves the best dosa and Vada pav, which is loved by all.  Anand served different Dosa varieties from pizza dosa to Samosa Vada pav, and many more one thing which is assured is that you won’t be disappointed with the taste. So head to Anand’s and taste the best south Indian food from the street stalls of Mumbai.

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