Now don’t carry food on train. Here’s a better option

Food On Train

As the railway has introduced the online Food On Train through which now passengers can order food online and get hot and fresh food service on their seats. The passengers don’t have to carry the extra luggage with them that has foodstuff or snacks. Because now they can order food of their choice on the train with a lot of options and varieties in a food item. 

The railways have top-rated restaurants that serve different food items like Punjabi food, South Indian food, Gujarati food, Jain food, group food, veg food, non-veg food, Chinese food, Continental food, Spanish food, Italian food, and many more food items all these food also have many options in them. Passengers can now order tea and coffee and snacks also when they feel a little hungry and they can customize food according to their preference also which means they can also get fresh and healthy food with less oil and spice. 

Why online option is better?

There are many benefits of online food. Let’s have a look at some benefits that online food on train provides you. So that you can enjoy your journey. 

You get fresh and healthy food: The food on the Indian railway is now fresh and of the best quality.  The vegetables and all items are fresh. 

Hot food on your seat: You don’t have to move from your seat your food will be delivered to you on your seat.

Better and more options: Now you have a lot of food options. That can make your journey better and more comfortable. Because you can eat what you want to eat.  

Best quality food: The food is delivered to you from the top-rated restaurants. These restaurants have FSSAI approval. This means your food is hygienic. 

Safe delivery: Food is deliver in containers that are properly sanitized. And also the delivery boy maintains the proper distance when he delivers the food. 

What is the difference between the online system and the pantry car? 

The food available in pantry cars is made according to the cook’s choice. The cook and other staff also don’t keep the proper cleanness where they cook food. Also, their food is not properly cooked sometimes. The dal is more full of water than grains. You have to eat what they have made whether it is tasty or not. Moreover, on the long journey, you don’t have an option as food that you bring from home also gets spoiled after some time. 

But now the food on train has a lot of options for you. Their food is also hygienic and healthy. Because the restaurants associated with them are FSSAI certified. That means you get healthy and pure food. Secondary, you can also food of your choice. Whatever you want to order you can order. Like you can order pizza, noodles, dal, roti, non-veg, sweets, samosa, and many more things.

You can also order food from some top brand restaurants 

Yes, now brands have join the Indian railway which serves the best and most delectable food items. Brands like dominos, haldiram’s, biryani blue, subway, and many more. You can order food from them by visiting the IRCTC official site. Here I will tell you to step-wise step how you can order food online from these or any other top-rated restaurants.

When you will visit the official site of IRCTC. 

You will see the option PNR number. There you have to enter a 10-digit PNR number.

Along with that, you will see the Train number option. Fill train number there. 

Now the page with different stations will appear. Select the delivery station.

Then you will see different restaurants’ names that I have mentioned above and more.

Select your favorite restaurant. And then your favorite food. 

Then you have to pay. You can opt for COD or online payment that is up to you.  

Why the online food is best in train? 

As the railway has changed the food service system. In the previous system, the passengers face a lot of trouble. Because they have to compromise food quality, taste, and choice. They get served what the train staff serves them but know with online food delivery passengers can enjoy a lot of variety in food items. The food available on the train now goes through several tests before reaching you. That means you get to eat the best quality food with delicious taste. The different restaurants that serve food in train now have certification from the food safety department. 

Means now no more unhealthy and unhygienic food. You can now order food without any worry about cleanness. This restaurant-style food can make your journey more enjoyable. Now you can order a variety of items. The railway has also now food options for different cultures people. For Punjabis, Punjabi food is there, for Jain, Jain food is there for South Indian, South Indian food is there, and you can also order international food. This also has an option for the passenger to eat different cultural food or different state food while traveling from that particular state or city. The best part is that you get your hot and fresh food on your seat you don’t have to leave your luggage and seat. With just a few steps you get your food right in front of you. 

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