What Things to Look For In an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon


With times changing, the quality of life has also changed over the years, and it is not particularly healthy. People are so busy keeping up with their hectic work or other schedules that taking care of health has taken a back seat.

Neck and back pain is nothing rare, studies show that almost 80 percent of people suffer from it at some point in their lives. People doing most of their work sitting in front of screens the whole day tend to have symptoms of neck and back pain more than once a year. It is not wise to ignore the signs at the early stages.

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Don’t ignore the initial symptoms

To lead a healthy lifestyle, it is important that your spine is in good shape and is taken good care of. Neck and back pain, if ignored for long periods, can lead to a spinal problem, which may worsen and need surgery later. Due to this, the quality of life is also affected negatively as chronic can, apart from inflicting severe physical pain, cause emotional ones.

Often, people are not willing to seek medical help immediately because of factors such as financial costs, missed workdays, and the level of stress you or your family stress. However, these are important factors to consider, early medical help to manage and cure the condition on time.

When do you need an orthopedic spine surgeon?

While neck and back pain is so common, it is vital to observe the symptoms and take mandatory steps. If the extremity of the symptoms goes up, it is advisable to get evaluated by a primary care physician. If the symptoms persist, even after the initial surveillance and maintaining good physical activity, then you know it’s time to see a specialist like an Orthopedic urgent care. Some of the symptoms to look out for are the following:

Chronic pain

Not all kinds of pains are chronic. If the pain only lasts for a few days or weeks, even if it lasts for 2-3 months, it is usually acute or subacute pain, which means that it can be treated without the need for surgery. But, if the pain lasts for more than that, it is time for you to seek professional help.

Bowel and bladder issues

If you find yourself using the restroom and locked in a toilet for a longer time, it may be because of bowel syndrome and spinal nerve damage. Whatever the reason might be, you need to seek a doctor’s help.


If you have severe pain in the thoracic spine or lumbar region along with high body temperature, it can be a sign to see a doctor.

The criterion to choose the best orthopedic spinal surgeon

You sure don’t want to take your health lightly. To ensure this, it is a must to choose a surgeon that stands up to all of your expectations and delivers the best results.


It requires several years of education and training to become an orthopedic spine surgeon. Find out about the medical school attended by your potential surgeon, if he had done comprehensive and additional training in all the conditions related to the spine.


A strong and experienced background of the surgeon ensures you of good results.

Patient satisfaction

You can contact the previous patients and ask for their experiences and end results. If the patients are satisfied, then it may be a good sign.

Usage of new techniques

Spinal surgery is nowhere near what it had been in the past. With technology, the methods and tools involved have changed to enhance the results. Find a specialist who uses minimally invasive methods.

Budget and comfort

While selecting an orthopedic spine surgeon, it is vital to discuss the finances before and also find if you have a sense of trust and comfort. For this, you can meet the surgeon in person.

If you are suffering from extreme back and neck pain or do know someone, you know how to choose the right orthopedic spine surgeon.