Overnight Desert Safari Camping and Stargazing at the Dunes

Overnight Desert Safari Camping

Planning a tour to the well-known destinations of the world is exciting but could be exhausting at times. After all, you have a whole giant checklist to follow. Choosing efficient travel planners is a crucial part of planning a successful tour. We, a bunch of friends, but our effort into good research and finally met an amazing firm of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. So we were heading to Desert safari Dubai which doesn’t need an introduction. It one of the busiest tourist spots in Dubai and welcomes all travel enthusiasts with open arms.

We opted for an overnight desert safari via the itinerary of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC and this is what we obtained:

Night Expedition at the Dune of Arabia

1. A Quick Pick Up

The overnight desert safari begins with a quick pick up by the skilled driver at your 

doorstep. We got a cooperative off-road licensed driver by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. He drove us quickly and safely to the terrain in a 4×4 Toyota land cruiser. Many itineraries also offer bus service and self-driven packages, based on your own will. So get ready for an amazing start-up if your days to meet the conservation reserve of Dubai are left on your fingers!

2. Be a Part of an Amazing Scenery

Soak up in the indigo of night and absorb its mysticism. Waking up to the welcoming sunrise is a beautiful surprise you’ll encounter in Dubai. Meet your new self by witnessing the amazing landscape of night. Silvery moonlight, little sandstorm, and the calm & sleepy dunes contribute to the magical scenery of night. The scenic view of the calmness of a widespread sand sea is the ultimate craving for adventure freaks. Once they step out of their little camps at night.

3. Enthralling SUVs and Terrain Activities

The popular and spine-tingling sand activities are the real essence of being on a desert safari. The dune arena of Dubai is famous for enthralling activities like dune bashing, quad biking, and fat bicycling. The widened and heavy tires of hummers and land cruisers seem to hit the high and bumpy slopes of the dunes. Whereas, the dune buggies look super fascinating upon hopping over the crests and troughs of the sand ocean. 

Dune bashing during sunset is not only enthralling but also portrays the spellbinding of the sun over the dunes. The travelers love to click some cool shots stopping by the sand sea under the reddening luminescence of the drowning sun.

Quad biking is a ride for one. First, get a little training on riding a quad bike on the terrain by an expert professional. Then you are ready to hit the golden sand bumps.

4. Explore the Arabian Sand with Closer Perspective

Sandboarding and camel riding are super amusing activities that go on at the desert safari. Camels are the mode of travel since ancient times. Wander the whole terrain and spot rare flora and fauna from over the camel’s hump. 

Sandboarding is a super amusing activity in which you surf the sand ocean by balancing over the sandboard. People enjoy this reckless dune activity as they compete with others and end up chuckling behind each other.

5. Inspiring Arabian Customs

The aesthetic culture of Arabia takes the tradition-inspired folks on a delightful journey. You can enjoy henna tattooing, Arabian attiring, falconry, and shisha smoldering. These activities are the immediate sources of extreme amusement and fun. Kids and women usually enjoy having henna prints on their hands and feet. 

Whereas, men seem to don themselves in the traditional Kandura robes. Falconry is the heritage sport of Arabs in which these national birds perform swooping and luring actions in the sand, thereby stun everyone.

6. Entertainment Stage 

We all have seen the city glitz at night. Leaving the sparkles of the night behind and making a move to a barren is worth it. Because the natives of the desert bring the city like entertainment stage here at the dunes. You’ll be amazed by the art depiction portrayed by the amazing artists. 

Scream over the stunning belly dance in which dancers beat traditional Arabian music. Then there is that classic Tanoura show portrayed by mystics wearing long colourful cloaks. Fire show, stickman show, and Zumba are other striking dance performances performed by the artists.

7. Get Pleasure Out of Divine Eatery

The Arabian buffet attracts foodies where they satisfy their cravings for middle-eastern food. There are Arabian and international cuisines set for the guests at the buffet. From charcoal roasted meat to a variety of salads, there is a whole room for you to get pleased. 

We got unlimited access to mineral water, soft drinks, tea, and mocktails by the hosts of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. You can also get this access by looking for such welcoming hosts. Enjoy the delightful hours of having Arabian coffee served with the combination of dates along with the views of the reddening dunes.

8. Night in the Bedouin Camps

The desert of Dubai is a heaven for campers. Night escapers visit the dunes at night for the sake of their wanderlust. They gazing at the milky ways, catching the shooting stars, and soak up in the chilling breezes of the barren. If you keep a knack for adventures, you’d surely spending a night in the middle of this nomad’s home.

To travel to the golden city of the UAE, most tourists go for the Delta Airlines Flight Booking options, as we did. We too had our best of time in the companionship of Happy Adventures Tourism guides. They provided us with all the essentials for camping such as sleeping bags, soft rags, and beautiful tents. There we learned that a night in a  desert camp is beyond a homie’s imagination!


With delicious bites of healthy middle-eastern breakfast, your memorable time to the Arabian dunes comes to an end. Your journey to the mighty desert becomes more exotic if you opt for reliable planners like Happy Adventures Tourism. If you want a night escape, spend a twilight under the moon that appears upright on Dubai’s golden dunes.