Path of Exile MetaMorph Poe 3.9 patch notes, All Reworked Skills


iThe Patch notes to the Path of Exile patch notes for Poe 3.9 patch notes are out. The brand new Conquerors part of the Atlas system are nearly arriving which will replace the older Elder as well as Shaper influences. Alongside it, the brand all-new Atlas system, players will be able to participate in the brand new MetaMorph League. This brand new League mechanic is about making use of the brand innovative Samples and Catalysts that players can use in conjunction with the brand new crafting system.

Interact with MetaMorph Bosses

In the brand new crafting system players can interact with new MetaMorph bosses with Samples taken from other bosses that will increase the difficulty. The other aspect revolves around Catalysts. These are able to apply quality or additional modifiers on Rings, Amulets and Belts and belts, adding a important element for building.

The base game has numerous tweaks in Poe 3.9 patch notes. The skills are that are changing, and so much change to them, it’s much easier to provide an overview of the skills as well as define them as a whole. In all there are winners and losers of the The Path of Exile 3.9 patch, in terms of abilities.

Be sure to go through the complete Patch notes.

Before we get started, let’s dive through some fundamental changes in gameplay that you need to take note of.

  • Multi-Mod crafting is currently restricted to just three mods per item. This has drastically reduced the potential of crafting.
  • Two-handed weapons will no longer be able to roll strong Mods for Shaper/Elder that involve Physical Damage. They will be nerfing certain damage scaling for certain melee-based builds.
  • The lifespan of the unique monsters in the game have been multiplied by 10 10%.
  • A normal boss on maps now has 40 percent in elemental resistance (up from 30 percent) and 25 percent chaos resistance (up from 15 15%). A powerful boss such as the Shaper is now sporting 50 percent resistance to elemental forces (up from 40 percent) and 30 percent Resistance to Chaos (up from 25 percent).
  • Huge boost to Boss HP All bosses are slightly harder to beat. Off-meta builds may struggle here.

Main Attack Skill Reworks

The first is the set of modifications to the primary attacks. GGG has been involved in quite a lot of rework for the Path of Exile 3.9. In particular , bow-based skills have been the focus of interest.


  • Arc The range at where Arc can be chained to an opponent is 35 units (from 25 units previously).).
  • Burning Arrow – Increased DPS.
  • Caustic Arrow – Increased AoE, Increased DPS.
  • Discharge – Does not have a new target limit.
  • Ice Shot is no longer leaving Chilled Ground on impact. More DPS Better application of chill.
  • The Lancing Steel has increased DPS Improved Impale impact.
  • Lightning Arrow – Increased DPS and better use of Shock but less efficient Shock.
  • Punishment has a longer duration and cursed enemies get 20 percent less physical Damages.
  • The rain of Arrows – Base damage increased across all stages.
  • Shattering Steel: Increased damage per second, greater attack time multiplier
  • Storm blast Mine – Increased base damage up to the highest gem level.
  • Toxic Rain Damage to the base is increased on all levels.
  • Venom Gyre – Increased base damage across all levels.


  • Blast Rain – Lower DPS + 1 additional projectile.
  • Elemental Hit – Reducing DPS across all types of damage and levels.
  • Icicle Mine – Shorter range, less projectiles. It now gains an increase of 1% in Projectile Speed for each 1% gem quality (from 11% more Projectile damage per 1% gemstone quality).
  • Lightning Spire Trap – Reduced DPS, less effective attacks.
  • Molten Strike – Reduced base damage.
  • Orb of Storms – Reduced DPS and slower attacks.
  • Raise The Spectre – Additional Maximum Spetres are now available at the levels of 13 and 25 (from 11 , 21 and 22).
  • Raise Zombie – slower attacks but no longer increases life, but rather increases AoE range. Lower DPS and also.
  • Scourge Arrow has been drastically reduced in base damage, now adding Chaos damage.
  • Smoke Mine – Reduced start-up speed buff.
  • Soulrend – Longer duration.
  • Vaal’s burning Arrow – Complete Fire conversion now, better use of ignite, now has a 1% increase to Fire Damage Over time multiplier for 2% gem high-end.

General Big Changes:

  • Shrapnel Shot – is now referred to as Galvanic Arrow. Arrows do not pierce anymore by default. The new version adds Lightning Damage as the gem levels increase, from 9 to 179 at level 20.
  • Explosive Arrow – the fire damage of explosions reduced. Explosions are now able to deal 33 more damage using Ignite per explosive arrow hit the area of the target.
  • Freezing Pulse – Art effects are more precisely reflect damage-related application.
  • Pestilent Strike now gains an additional Melee range with the level of the gem increases, reaching +2 when the gem level is 20.
  • Siege Ballista – Increased level requirements 2 to your maximum summoned totems for all levels of gems. Grants 1% increase in projectile Damage for every 1 % gem quality. Lower base damage.
  • Spectral Throw – Longer Attack Time multiplier.
  • Split Arrow – Added Physical Damage.
  • Summon Raging Spirit Summoned Raging Spirits will now attempt to reach the place the cursor was at the time the summoned spirit was summoned. Unless the summoner encounters an enemy before they reach.
  • Tornado Shot Secondary projectiles are less effective.
  • Vaal’s Spectral Throw: Increased Attack speed multiplier
  • Volatile Dead – Limit is 60 orbs.

Support Skill Reworks

Then we get to support skills, that have been vastly improved in this patch.


  • Support for Multiple Projectiles in Lesser Massive boost to DPS on all levels.
  • Volley Support – Increased DPS.


  • Feeding Frenzy Support: Reduced buffs for damage, attack move speed and cast.
  • Inspiration Support – – Reduced Crit Chance with slightly reduced DPS.
  • Minion Damage Support Slightly less DPS.
  • Mirage Archer Support – Reduced DPS and reduced range of target
  • Onslaught Support – Significant reduction in the duration of buff, and less chance of granting Onslaught.
  • Point Blank Support Damage at the beginning of movement was reduced to 30% from 50% percent.

General Big Changes:

  • Fortify is now multiplicative with other sources of reduction in damage.
  • Impale – Now gives supported skills with a -30% increase to Total Physical damage reduction against Impale Hits of all levels of gem.

Path of Exile 3.9 comes out for PC on the 13th of December. PS4 or Xbox One versions of the game will receive the patch on the 16th of December.

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