Learn How You Can Utilize Customized Pie Boxes In Several Ways

pie packaging box

The Pie Boxes are being used so that they can protect the encased pie from the outer environment. Because of this reason, they are manufactured from durable and long-lasting materials along with the best manufacturing techniques. They are capable of enduring external stress and pressure without deforming. Different printing techniques are available in the market like digital, screen, offset and flexography, etc. Other than this, you can also make the boxes look attractive and pretty by using finishing coats. These coats include lamination foiling, embossing techniques, etc., which can change the appearance of the box and make it look more enticing.

Commonly, bakery businesses use Pie Boxes so that they can pack the sweet pies in a more secure manner. These boxes are made out of materials like cardboard and corrugated etc., which are not only sturdy but also highly flexible. Due to this, they can be easily modified into different shapes and sizes. People are using the pie packaging for different fun activities and utilizing them in unusual ways.

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For the Packaging of Other Edibles

The pie packaging box is made out of high-quality materials. These materials help in creating a durable and long-lasting box that can be used for the packaging of all different kinds of edibles. For example, when you have leftover food at home like cake, pizza, cookies, etc., then you can use these boxes. They can easily store the food items for a longer period and that too without damaging them or making them stale. These boxes often come with special laminations like spot UV, which makes them water and moisture resistant. So, they can provide effective protection to the encased edibles against moisture, water, and other environmental factors. The eatables can stay safe and secured inside these boxes.

For Art and Craft Activities

You can easily get the pie boxes’ bulk quantities from the local market or merchandiser in a wholesale option at cost-effective prices. Once you buy in bulk, then you can do all kinds of fun and creative activities with these boxes. They are not made out of any hazardous or toxic materials or have sharp edges. This way, they are completely safe to work with. These boxes are manufactured from cardboard materials, so the kids can easily handle them. You can do different activities like make a customized and personalized board game on them. You can use water, acrylic, poster, or any other kind of paints to draw the designs or patterns on these boxes. You can also make a cardboard maze from the custom pie boxes by adding Popsicle sticks as the maze walls. Or, if you have excessive cardboard boxes, then you can cut stripes and attach them with glue for the maze walls. This is such a fun activity to engage your kids in, which will surely entertain them as well.

Storage Boxes For Jewelry

As these boxes are made out of good and robust quality materials, so they can easily be used to hold different items effectively. You can get pie packaging supplies from the local market or some manufacturing company if you want to use them for storage purposes. With little modification, you can use them as archive boxes. The small size of the packages can be used for the storage of small jewelry like earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. To make sure that these small and delicate pieces of jewelry do not get entangled or misplaced, then you can use placeholders. If you do not have one at home, then you can find tutorials on youtube and make a placeholder with the help of these cardboard pie packages. You can use them for the storage of all different kinds of items like stationery, cosmetics, etc.

Turn Them Into Picture Frames

The pie boxes with windows are special packages that come with a transparent sheet. These boxes are used by bakery businesses so that they can enable product visibility to their customers and generate more sales. The transparent sheet adheres with the boxes through strong adhesives so that it does not let any dirt or dust gain entry inside the box. If you have such boxes at home, then you can easily make picture frames with them. As they already have a transparent sheet, so you do not have to worry about how to make a clear frame. You can cut the box and turn it into a picture frame according to the dimensions of the picture that is to be framed. You can paint the sides of the cardboard material which the help of acrylic or poster paint to make the frame look more beautiful. You can use these frames to hang on to the walls of your living room, or you can also gift them to your friends on special occasions.

Make Door Labels

The pie box wholesale is an exciting offer provided by manufacturing companies and local retailers as well. Through this option, you can easily purchase bulk quantities of boxes at pretty economical prices. This is a very charming offer if you want to avail of large quantities of these packages for some creative and fun activities. If you are living in an apartment and you do not have any label number, then you can use these boxes to make labels. This way, you can easily make your new visitors identify your apartment. You can also make customized door labels and paint them in beautiful color combinations. You can write funny quotes on them and decorate them according to your own preferences. These activities are not only fun but also a good way to engage the kids these days in some healthy and creative projects.

In this era of the Internet and Tablets and laptops, kids are no more interested in other games and projects. So, people are buying these boxes in bulk quantities so that they can engage their kids in fun DIY projects. The Pie Boxes can be used for multiple purposes. They are made out of durable yet pliable materials, so they can easily be modified and transformed into different designs and shapes.