PS5 Bundle with “Horizon Forbidden West”: Ongoing updates

Horizon Forbidden West

**Update: May 19**

The PS5 bundles with “Horizon Forbidden West” are again “permanently sold out” at Media Markt and Saturn, according to the website. But even before yesterday’s drop, the offers were marked with this annotation – and were then still available. In general, the drops and restocks of the PlayStation 5 have been increasing lately. It could be that time again as early as next week.

**Update: May 18**

Good news for all long-term waiters: The PS5 is available today at Saturn and Media Markt. An unexpected drop that is sure to sell out quickly due to high demand. The following links will take you directly to the offers:

**Update: May 14**

What are the current changes? Is the PlayStation 5 still bundled with the game “Horizon Forbidden West” today? Insiders and those who know the scene on Twitter firmly believe that there will be a restock soon. The reason: A new Prime notice that already announced the replenishment of the PS5 digital.

**Update: May 10th**

Most recently, the PS5 was available on April 28 for a short time in the Horizon bundle with Gran Turismo 7 at Walmart. In general, this was the week of PS5 drops ! This week the  PS5 Digital Edition was already available on Amazon, and bestbuy and Euronics had the PlayStation 5 Disc Edition. Is there a PS5 bundle coming to Amazon today?

PlayStation 5 bundled with “Horizon Forbidden West”

The popular bundle of “Horizon Forbidden West” and the PS5 is in great demand. No wonder – two crackers have come together here. Many retailers, including Saturn, Otto and Amazon, are therefore trying to get the bundle now. What are the current chances? Not bad at all, because the PS5 bundle keeps popping up at retailers. Here you can find the offer on Amazon and with a bit of luck you can strike it .

PS5 with “Horizon Forbidden West” at Amazon, Walmart and bestbuy

At Saturn, the PS5 bundle with “Horizon Forbidden West” was occasionally in the range. What is the availability of the PS5 bundle today?  Here for the direct link:  PS5 bundle with Horizon Forbidden West at Amazon. Alternatively, you can find the console at Walmart in a bundle with Horizon Forbidden West.

If you’re really hot for the PS5, you should definitely be up to date on a restock of the PlayStation 5 on Amazon. But with luck, the Bestbuy mail order company also has the most popular console back in its range today . It is worth taking a regular look at the availabilities here.