Radio apps and its features


Radio now joins the listener through different mobile phone apps. Every platform has its own voice and its unique audience and listeners. Radio app JOTA is established to engage with listeners when they are not tuned. Hare, we have some special features of radio apps

  • Streaming:

Streaming must be high quality (ACCA preferably 64kbps or greater), constant. People usually neglect background streamable. The listener must not always open the app to keep listening. Radio must keep playing while using other apps on the phone. When phone calls background streams have must be stopped. This feature is worth but sometimes it’s hard to implement.

  • cross-platform support :

To keep an eye on the listener is one of the biggest mistakes one could do.  An organizer

Must go from zero to streaming app in twenty hours. Research shows that 37 percent of listeners are android users. iOS is on the second number with 27 percentage. So if you are just concentrating on these both it means you are neglecting the remaining 30 percent audience.

  • song info and program guide:

people would love to know what is happening so a program guide showing what is coming up and it really easy to implement.

4      ON demand content:

This will also help the listeners to keep interested in listening and appeal to the app. They will use the app to download the content which is missed or they were unable to catch up.

5      User notification:

This feature will help to target a large audience when you have important information to share. it is as simple as creating a pop-up or push notification.



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