5 Reasons to invest in commercial properties of smart cities in 2021

commercial properties

Smart cities in many areas of Pakistan are developing very rapidly. This article will throw light on the importance of investment in commercial properties of smart cities. As you know, it is better than in a large number of investors are increasingly entering into real estate, especially in commercial properties. Take a look at repcalgaryhomes for best deals and quotes.

Many housing societies in Islamabad and Lahore offer housing and commercial facilities for the betterment of their customers. These housing societies are Lahore smart city, capital smart city, park view city, Rudn Enclave, blue world city, and Nova city.

However, all these societies deal in commercial and residential plots, but mainly people are interested in commercial properties like Abu Dhabi Mall and Residencies bahria enclave. Here, we will let you know why people tend to invest in commercial properties of smart cities.

What is commercial property?

You might know about property dealing that people buy and sell property whether to earn a livelihood or build a designed home and live there. Similarly, trading in commercial property is the practice of making a livelihood from buying and selling properties.

Sometimes, a businessman buys the property and constructs a market to rent it and earn from it. You can also resell your property to generate more income.

5 Reasons to invest in commercial properties

It is very vivid that why investors like commercial dealings. While dealing in residential properties, you only search for a better and luxury place to live in. But, commercial plots give you high outcomes. However, there are some reasons to make the significance of commercialization clearer.

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1. High-income potential

The very first reason to invest in commercial properties is its potential. Generally, commercial buildings have higher prices and rent rates. If you own a plaza, you can earn from it in millions. Furthermore, if you want to sell it sometime later, many buyers will be gladly ready to buy your property.

Furthermore, the margin of increase in commercial real estate is faster than residential real estate. So, that changing margin also can bring you much more income.

2. Benefits of tax reduction 

If we are talking about 2021, so dealing in commercial real estate is very beneficial. This is because the government has specially announced a reduction in property taxes. So, with residential properties, a decrease in tax benefits you only raise your monthly budget. In a commercial, you can grow your income by making too much dealing without paying high taxes from which you suffered in previous years.

3. Less competition

After the pandemic, people mostly transferred to live in isolated areas to avoid being in crowded areas. So, the competition in residential properties is very high. But, in sharp contrast to this, people are likely to prevent business due to lockdown and bane etc. With that reason, if you want to invest in commercial real estate, you will have to face less competition.

4. Stability of income

You have noticed that other markets are changing very drastically. For example, if you invest in the gold market, the dynamic nature of falling and rising market may not satisfy you. While the other hand, the demand of commercial real estate changes though but not as rapidly as others. According to my knowledge, I never witnessed a property decreasing its price or value.

5. Good condition of your property

If you buy a building and rent it, it will always remain in good condition. But you have to take immense care while finding a tenant. An unproblematic tenant will pay you rent on time and keep your house in good condition. Besides, if you have a home for your residency and for some reason you left your home, you would find it rotten after returning.


So, we have discussed in detail the reasons for investing in commercial properties in smart houses. However, in Islamabad, there are huge changes in commercialization. Every society is focusing on promoting commercial properties. If you want to buy any kind of commercial property in a smart city in any city in Pakistan, ‘sigma properties’ is here to assist you in all dealings.

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