Should Orient Textiles Be a Part Of Your Winter Wardrobe Essentials?


Orient Textiles has been the chatter of town for quite a bit now. Over time, Orient Textiles has proven to deliver the finest quality ready to wear and unstitched clothing for women at the most economical prices.

In light of the changing season, Orient has launched their all-new unstitched winter collection for the year 2020! They have kept it short and sweet by naming the collection, “Mysa”. The name has a charming ring to it, which is said to be inspired by a Swedish word that refers to “engaging in an activity that is comfortable and pleasurable.” But, are the pieces as alluring as the title? That is a question that we will soon be answering.

Growing popularity amongst women from all walks of life, we are here to assess if Orient Textile’s “MYSA” should be a staple in your winter wardrobe this merry season or not.

Let us take a look!


One of our top picks is this crimson shaded khaddar kurta. The vividness of this particular colour will immediately catch one’s attention; similar to how it caught ours! Floral – inspired digital printing covers the front of the shirt in a very artistic manner. The broad cut sleeves add to the comfortable charm exuded by the kurta as a whole.

Although the addition of green and orange balance out the fiery red accent, can it be said that Orient has decided to play safe with the colour combination in this one? Definitely, something that has been seen before.

Who does not want a go-to blue kurta in their wardrobe? We cannot think of a single person who will say no. Associated with peace and tranquillity, blue (in all its shades) is certainly timeless and a wardrobe essential! Orient has certainly made our hearts flutter with this Trojan blue and white karandi kurta. Detailed white embroidery cascades across the neckline and the sleeves are ringed with digital printing in white and dull gold.

All the elements in this kurta are in perfect harmony with one another and are successful in generating a stunning effect. Pair it with off white trousers and basic kolpuris, and you are good to go!

We will certainly recommend that you buy this piece!

We admit that we are huge fans of stellar colour combinations but, this kurta is where we will draw the line. Brownie points to the design team for making use of such heart-warming colours such as buttercup yellow, electric blue, and shocking pink. No doubt, these colours go extremely well together but, has Orient done their best with this item?

On a scale of one to ten, this kurta hits a solid 5 for us. The use of tassels along the lining of the sleeves and embroidery is highly admirable. But the elements do not work smoothly with each other and the whole outlook is extremely busy.


Winter is all about soft tones blending into the sepia like background with its upright barren trees and soft sunlight masked by the soft clouds. This 3-piece linen suit is one of the ideal ones of all winter outfits.

Pale fern dominates the scene here with its cooling effect. Floral inspired embroidery (in particular roses) beautifully spread across the shirt. The light pink roses stand out stunningly and give the whole look a specific feminine charm.

The overlapping Y-shaped neckline in contrasting colours positively adds to the shirt’s overall impact. Ideal for lazy afternoons brunching under the misty winter sky, this suit is a definite winner in our books!

What really delights us is that many designs from the “Mysa” collection reflect the concept surrounding the title; a subtle reminder that joy can be found in the simplest aspects of life.

For instance, this 3-piece karandi suit is minimal yet so alluring. It is remarkable how colour as rich as magenta generates such a decent effect here. Both the shirt and pear printed karandi dupatta are in perfect harmony with each other hence, giving off a very wholesome vibe.

We can certainly envision one wearing this to an evening gathering with family and friends. Orient Textiles has won our heart yet again with this one.

Are we vibing with this 2-piece unstitched cottel piece? Keep on reading in order to find out!

According to our observation, Orient Textiles has frequently used rose imagery across many of their designs. However, this type of embroidery and digital printing stands well against the beige accent and is honestly not a bad option to consider for wearing this winter season.

Moreover, what we really appreciate about this particular design, is the use of Aztec inspired geometric prints that cascade across the shirt’s front. Both floral and geometric elements have been well-combined and certainly do not clash.

Rust is most certainly a colour that needs to be in everyone’s winter wardrobe! The colourful embroidery adorning the neckline of this 2-piece unstitched cottel outfit add depth to the design.

The classic colour combination is certainly creeping it’s into our hearts. But, are the shocking pink cheetah spots on the sleeves an unnecessary addition? We will leave that for you to decide.


After analyzing some pieces from Orient Textile’s “Mysa” collection, we have come to a definite conclusion. In all honesty, we have discussed it all; the good and the bad. But, deep down we all know that our heart our inclined towards how the brand has whipped up such spectacular designs and made them available at such affordable rates. Definitely a spectacular bargain!

Orient Textiles has come a long way and one can say that they are truly moving ahead with the progression of time. Visually appealing designs that remain true to the real meaning of “Mysa” paired with Orient’s signature quality is something which is praiseworthy.

We recommend that you give “Mysa” a try and sincerely hope that you have a pleasant experience with Orient Textiles. Here is to wishing them the best of luck for the future!