Should You Come In For A Massage When You Are Sick?


It is quite apparent that if a massage therapist is sick or not feeling well, he should stay home. Indeed, no one wants to get a massage from a sick masseuse, especially when he has a cough or flu. Don’t worry; the professional massage therapists at Geylang Body Massage Centre prioritize health over anything else. They provide impeccable services without compromising quality standards.

But, what about a client?

Can he still get a massage if he is sick or not feeling well?

No denial; massage is an ideal way to provide you with immune-boosting power. Moreover, it is an effective way to keep tension and stress at bay. That’s why; people consider it’s the best way to clear-up all their sickness when they are ill. Nevertheless, opting for massage therapy, especially when the human body is already combating the virus, can worsen.

Precisely, it’s not a good idea to go for a massage when you have a cough, flu, or fever.

What If The Client Has Flu? Can He Still Get A Massage?

One of the key benefits of massage is that it augments blood circulation in the body. Besides, it makes waste and other toxin material removed from the system fast. Usually, the toxin material manifests itself through congestion. But, if you already have a cough, flu, or stuffy nose, then the massage can make such symptoms intolerable and worse. You feel breathless, and it becomes challenging for you to get a complete massage peacefully.

Imagine you have flu, and you are lying on your stomach with your face in the cradle. But your runny nose is dripping out of control!!

Do you think it will make your therapist comfortable? Or can you enjoy your massage in such an unpleasing environment?

Surely, you can’t enjoy the desired results. So, it’s better to stay home and take proper medicines.

When to Reschedule the Appointment?

The primary advantage of choosing the professional massage center is that they can reschedule your appointment if you are not feeling well. That’s why; it is always recommended to spend some time finding the most reliable and trust-worthy massage center near to your vicinity.

You can take the recommendation of your acquaintances or someone who goes to the massage center frequently. But, the internet is the best source to find a professional massage center that provides excellent massage without compromising the quality standards.

Now, let’s come back to the original discussion!

Indeed, everyone wants to know when to reschedule an appointment, especially when he has a severe cough or flu.

Interestingly, in some cases, massage expedites the recovery time. You can visit the massage center once you feel improvement in your health. Usually, the therapists suggest you get the massage when you past the acute stage of sickness. If you have a slight cough, then getting an effective massage can provide instant relief to your neck, chest, head, and body. Also, it gives excellent comfort to your chest and subsides the symptoms of congestion, sinus, and severe headache.

So, the general rule of thumb says;

‘If your health doesn’t allow you to go to work, then you shouldn’t come to the massage center as well.’

Please, try to stay home if you are contagious as it’s not only good for you but everyone who works in the massage center. So, show some courtesy and think about everyone else. Take a complete bed rest and complete your medication.

You can reschedule the appointment once you feel significant improvement in your health. You can discuss everything about your health with the therapist before your meeting. He will guide you better when revisiting the spa/massage center according to your current health condition.

You can reschedule your massage if you have any of the below-mentioned symptoms, including;

  • Tiredness or fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Chills or fever
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Body ache, joint, muscle, or chest pain
  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Headaches

Health comes first. So, it’s better to stay home and don’t put someone else’s life in danger—also, it’s good for you to keep yourself protected and avoid further exposure to germs.

Health is Precious-Protect it

Based on the discussion mentioned above, it is considerably evident to stay home when you are not feeling well. We suggest you take good care of yourself and visit a massage center only when you feel healthy and fit.

It is also preferable to select a well-reputed massage center that values customers’ health, not money. Only expert therapists can guide you better according to your current health situation.

Therefore, don’t put your health at risk and take proper rest if you have a severe cough, flu, or viral infection. Once you feel vigorous, visit the massage center and get your desired massage.