Significance of Copyright Registration


If you’ve ever heard of copyright protection, it’s because you’ve created a work and recorded or written it down. However, the protection offered is minimal. To take advantage of the entire range of protections and benefits that copyright law has to offer, registering your work is the best option

If you have a copyright on a piece of original art or literature, or Among them are works of art such as paintings and literature, as well as music, movies, Ideas are not protected by copyright laws. If the work is not tangible, it will not be accepted.

There is no need to take any additional step after the work has been placed into a physical form since copyright protection immediately kicks in. Other people can read, see, or hear the work if it’s made concrete.

In your capacity as a creator, you have the right to sell or license any Copyright infringed whenever someone distributes or publishes or reproduces, or displays the work without your explicit authorization. Through your Copyright agent, you can not only register your creation but also can suit the one who violates your rights.

Importance of Copyright Registration

In addition to benefiting creatives and artists, copyright registration is also advantageous to businesses Registering a copyright for key software, corporate websites, and marketing and advertising assets such as pictures, graphics, and written content may also be beneficial to businesses.

Other kinds of intellectual property (IP) do not have the same advantages as copyrights, including a statutory life that is 70 years longer than any other sort of IP. Even after the statutory life of the inventor, many copyrights will not generate financial activity.

One of the advantages of copyrights is that they allow the owner to sue for actual damages, as well as any additional benefits enjoyed by the infringement, or statutory A copyright case’s compensation calculation might be simpler than a patent case.

In the end, copyrights are usually inexpensive and straightforward to get. Copyright-protected works become the property of the creators when they are fixed in a significant medium. After then, the owner of the copyright receives insurance without having to file a formal document with a government agency.

Reasons for Copyright Registration

It doesn’t matter what others think if you have an original concept or piece of creative work, it’s still a valuable asset and should be handled as such. Ultimately, your work might have a high value in the future, and could even be utilized as financial collateral.

As a legacy, copyrights can survive for decades and can be passed down as part of a will. It is possible that the copyrights of literary, musical, or artistic works will continue to be valid for another 70 years after the death of the original inventor. In situations of broadcasting or publishing, this time period.

As a result, if someone violates your copyright, you will be able to sue the infringer in order to get a license or compensation for any financial damage you may have suffered. It’s your right to prohibit someone from exploiting your work without your knowledge, and you’re entitled to recompense for any gains they’ve gained off of it.

In the unlikely event that you discover that someone is exploiting your work without your knowledge or consent, we recommend speaking with one of our IP experts about what legal options you have.


UAE rules are strict when it comes to trademark and copyright registration. During Company formation in UAE with some other legal documents you need copyright registration too.