Some Common Issues with an iMac


No denial; buying a new iMac is a complicated procedure. It requires time and effort to choose a computer that ideally meets all your requirements. If you are looking for a desktop Mac, then you have four different options to consider. Similarly, for Mac laptops, you have three other models to contemplate.

No problem if you want a Mac laptop or Mac desktop; the current discussion identifies some common issues with iMac. However, if you already have a Mac product that doesn’t function properly, you can think about iMac Repair Philippines. The professional repair centers in the Philippines can fix your Mac’s problems in no time.

  • Relentless Beachball

Although it’s not a common problem, sometimes iMac’s pointer converts in spinning beach ball, and it stays for a longer time. If your iMac faces a similar issue, then you should try to fix it yourself. Press cmd+. To cancel everything that’s processing. If this tip doesn’t work, then try something else.

Press Option+Tab as it helps in moving to other apps. This way, you can continue working on iMac without any hurdle.

Nevertheless, if both of the tips mentioned above aren’t working, then go for cmd+Option+Esc. It helps in force quitting the opened apps.

  • Losing Documents or Files

If you think you have lost the critical file, then consider the spotlight. For this, we recommend you to press Cmd+[Space]. Resultantly, the search bar appears on the desktop, and you can look for a file by typing its name.

If you have forgotten your file’s name or empty your trash, then you are in real trouble. It is entirely satisfactory for Time Machine users because Spotlight can help find the files that don’t exist but been backed-up. The software is built into OS X 10.5, and after that, you only need FireWire and a hard disk.

  • Slow Switching

The perfect thing about modern devices is that they have excess internal storage (RAM), and you can run multiple devices simultaneously. Gladly, there’s no limit as you can desired apps without any problem.

“Virtual Memory” is responsible for all such things. Sometimes when your Mac runs out of space, it starts moving files to the temporary/hidden files on the hard disk. Surprisingly, no one notices it due to the virtual movement of the files.

But if you open-up multiple apps simultaneously or run a large data file, it becomes challenging to switch between them. The entire process takes time, and you need to wait before you switch to the next app.

The ultimate solution to this problem is to start closing some irrelevant or unnecessary files. Remember, deleting files from a hard disk isn’t an apt solution because the problem exists with RAM space. So, you need more space in RAM if you want all apps to run smoothly.

For this purpose, we recommend you to take your Mac to the nearest repair center as they can better guide you about how much your Mac can take. Experimenting at home isn’t practical and may cause a severe problem.

The professionals can upgrade your Mac by adding up different memory modules or can replace the current files with higher-capacity-chips. That’s why; it is better to trust their technical expertise if you want to use your Mac in a better condition.

Opening-Up Documents in the Wrong App

Although it is quite rare, sometimes opening-up documents in the wrong app can create complications. But no problem, it is relatively easy to fix the issue if you know how to do it correctly. For instance, if you double-click a downloaded JPEG file, it shows the option of the preview. But, if you use Photoshop to edit photos, then the preview option is entirely irrelevant and unnecessary for you.

If you want to change this setting, then select any of the JPEG file and press cmd+I. It will show the list of all apps, and you can choose any of the apps you want to change. For example, if it’s about Photoshop, select the app and go for ‘Change all.’ Once you are done with this setting, your JPEGs will start opening-up in Photoshop quickly. This solution is equally useful for any other type of file and app.


No doubt, problems with Apple products are quite rare. Luckily, Apple products can be used for a longer time. But, dealing with them carelessly or using them inaccurately can create issues. Similarly, iMac is one of Apple’s most reliable products, but it can experience malfunctions due to specific reasons.

That’s why; it is always recommended to bring your iMac to the professional and trust-worthy iMac repair center in the Philippines. You can choose the repair center after proper research as only competent technicians can handle Apple’s products rightfully.