Ten of India’s best Tree House resorts

Tree House resorts

Forget to snooze the alarm when you wake up with the birds chirping. Not only this, Indian treehouse resorts encourage the eyes to enjoy the amazing views of the countryside. Experience a perfect combination of thrill, excitation, serenity, and more by planning to remain in these trees. These give perfect accommodation between luxury and rustic environments.

Indeed, the hotels in the treehouse are the newly married couples’ favorite option. The explanation is, that the treehouses often give honeymooners privacy, in addition to offering panoramic views. Therefore, the concept of spending days, which are a total pleasure, at the treehouse resort referred to below.

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Vanya Tree House, Thekkady, Kerala

Kerala is not complete without treehouse resorts, except for its scenic backwaters. The Vanya Tree House is on the comprehensive list. The ride to the resort is interestingly as breathtaking as the place itself. The unusual treehouse in Kerala built on a single tree on the hillside offers views.

Vythiri Resort, Wayanad, Kerala

The Vythri Resort Wayanad comprises five handmade houses in greenery. The property offers a natural-friendly holiday, which can be found on the list of the best treehouse resorts in India. The resort offers the latest facilities and is a perfect getaway from the busy city life.

Nature Zone Resort, Munnar, Kerala

Nature Zone Resort is certainly a perfect place to enjoy a quiet treehouse holiday. The resort is excellent with many charms among the rest of the treehouses in Kerala. Clouds float in the halls, the nests of birds are right next to the window, and the whole day you can feel a fresh breeze.

Treehouse Resort, Jaipur, Rajasthan

The Tree House Resort is a quiet, luxurious oasis of peace and quiet. Perched on high trees, some tree houses also cross tree trunks. You will not be disappointed by going one extra mile to reveal the experience provided by this Indian treehouse. You can be sure of a memorable vacation in India, instead.

Hornbill River Resort, Dandeli, Karnataka

Only suppose you’re 40 feet off the ground! For couples on their honeymoon in India, the Hornbill River resort is a paradise. The Tree House Hotel is famous for being of this nature and offers pure enjoyment for your romantic holidays. Unimaginable decor and modern facilities make your beloved one an unforgettable stay. Furthermore, it increases the joy of living in a tree-house by the sound of the waterfall.

TreeHouse Hideaway, Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

The Tree House Hideaway is one of India’s lovely tree resorts, tucked in the stunning midst of Bandhavgarh’s three covers. The magnificent property provides magnificent views of Bandhavgarh National Park and Tiger Reserve, with 5 tree-houses that are self-sufficient. In addition, you are amazed to marvel at the Bandhavgarh Fort from the resort. In other words, the resort provides an environmentally friendly stay with modern comforts and the best places to visit.

The Misty Tree House, Munnar, Kerala

Misty Tree House is a refuge for nature lovers built meticulously without disturbing nature. The rustic charm of the property is provided by natural materials used in its construction. Get a fantastic holiday in this picturesque treehouse resort in Kerala for your family and yourself. Just sit back and enjoy a wonderful blend of luxury and nature.

TreeHouse Cottages, Manali, Himachal Pradesh

There is no place as breathtaking as the Himalayan lap to appreciate such incomparable experiences. Plan your tree house vacations in the cottages of Tree House. The rooms are spacious and modern despite the rustic surroundings. If you do not want to go through a much-anticipated period of cohabitation, in the honeymooners’ paradise.

Green Magic Nature Resort, Wayanad, Kerala

With rich biodiversity and exotic flora and fauna, the Green Magic Nature Resort promises happy times. The magical destination in paradise helps you to spend a relaxing holiday escaping from your everyday life. A visual refuge for the floating eyes is the greenery sprawled across the house. This is why the resort is kept on the tourist bucket list for visiting Kerala.

Chunnambar Beach and Backwater Resort, Pondicherry

Complete your vacation with the best views of the backwater and an entertaining stay in a treehouse. Backwater Resort and Chunnambar Beach encourage you to have a romantic time with your partner. You will find it here if you are looking for serenity and isolation. Relax in Mother Nature’s lap without offering luxury comforts.