The Benefits of Running an Environmentally-Friendly Business

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For some people, the idea of running an environmentally friendly business isn’t so much about helping the environment as it is about creating a better business model with higher profit margins and fewer expenses – and that’s perfectly fine! This doesn’t mean that you should be cavalier about your environmental practices though; there are severe consequences for failure, including decertification (read more about such from If you’re wondering for what other reasons you should make your business eco-friendlier, look into these top benefits.

Save Money by Being Eco-Friendly

As a business owner, running your operation in an environmentally friendly way can save you money. From using less energy to disposing of trash properly, being mindful about how you handle waste and resources allows for a more cost-effective and environmentally responsible company. Some businesses can offset their costs by recycling or reusing products that would otherwise be thrown away. You can also get grants or tax credits for certain eco-friendly practices. For example, there are federal tax credits available for investing in solar panels or fuel cells—as well as rebates from some state governments that offer incentives for installing green technology at work sites.

Get Free Publicity

In many cases, even if a green approach doesn’t directly contribute to revenue, it could lead to positive press that helps spread awareness about your brand. And that can only help in the long run. The media likes to report on new developments in business trends, so if you want to be known as green business owners, make sure your local newspaper has received a press release about it. It doesn’t matter how big or small your enterprise is; if you do things that help our planet and its people, you’ll go public eventually.

Good practice can attract new customers

If you’re running a business, no matter what it is, people are watching. If your business practices are environmentally conscious, you can attract new customers who appreciate your commitment to being kind to Mother Earth. When considering whether or not a green approach will help or hurt your bottom line, ask yourself: What would my customers want? Will it be more attractive for potential clients and employees to work with my company if I’m already going green? If yes, then maybe now is a good time to start thinking about how you can run your business in an eco-friendly way.

Improves sustainability

By promoting sustainability, small businesses can attract new customers. Sustainability is a buzzword that’s used to describe environmental and social responsibility. Sustainable companies make a conscious effort to minimize waste and harmful effects on the environment and provide good working conditions for employees. Sustainability has become increasingly important to consumers, who are more interested in supporting environmentally friendly products, technologies, or services than ever before. In fact, 82 percent of total consumers say they would switch brands if they found out their current product was harming the environment. If you’re running a business with sustainable practices, you may be able to capitalize on growing consumer interest by attracting new customers looking for green alternatives.

Prevents litigation

The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) estimates that greenhouse gas emissions cost businesses approximately S$350 billion per year in damages. Emissions endanger worker health, environmental health, and property. These dangers lead to litigation, which can bankrupt even a healthy business. Reduce your risks by creating environmentally-friendly policies for your workplace. A comprehensive set of environmental guidelines will ensure you protect yourself from litigation. And you’ll be able to claim tax deductions for your green initiatives!


Going green is not only good for your business, it’s also good for you, your community, and Mother Earth. Cleaner air, water, and soil are healthier for all living creatures. But don’t forget about your bottom line: By cutting back on energy use and waste production, going green can save you money over time as well and avoid unwanted business shutdowns or fines. Although you might be able to get back to business after an environmental issue, like Asia Pulp & Paper (read here for more information, a damaged reputation takes much longer to rebuild. If you want your company to last, think long-term and act responsibly from day one.