The Best Accent Chairs of 2021


Table of contents:

  1. What are accent chairs?
  2. The best accent chairs
  3. All in All…

You must have seen some excellent furniture setting and interior décor on TV shows and films via the AT&T DIRECTV packages. However, it is difficult to find similar-looking sleek, and elegant furniture in the market since you may not know what particular furniture items are called. Here is a complete guide to different types of accent chairs and some of the best ones you can find today.

What Are the Different Types of Accent Chairs?

Before you go ahead and buy an accent chair to complement your home or office’s interior, learn about the few basic types of accent chairs. All accent chairs do not go well in every setting and room. Therefore, it is important to understand the difference among the many kinds of accent chairs.

  • Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs are perhaps the most luxurious in style, yet simple and elegant. They have a very royal feel and look to them. You can identify such chairs with their “wings” on the back support of the chair. Their structure is usually broad and large, has wooden legs and a broad seat as well. The most trendy wingback chairs these days are the ones with a tufted design, velvet print fabric, or plain, solid colors. These chairs are ideal for large rooms, whether office or living space. People also use these to complement their drawing room furniture.

  • Armchair

As simple as their name, an armchair is any accent chair with arms. It can be made of different materials, such as metal or wood, and have upholstery or not. Accent armchairs are usually compact and lightweight so that they can fit in living rooms and even bedrooms. They go really well with medium-sized coffee tables and as extra seating in any size of a room.

  • Armless Chair

Armless accent chairs are very popular for living rooms, offices, and study tables. Due to the no-arm design, these chairs are often lighter in weight. They are also roomier, and sometimes of low height compared to wingback chairs.

  • Settee Chair

Like loveseats or two-person sofas, settee accent chairs are meant to accommodate two or more people in either an upright or a reclining position. They are usually made with upholstered arms and back, along with metal or wooden legs that give a very trendy, modern, and sleek look to such chairs. They are lightweight and ideal for bedrooms, waiting areas, drawing rooms, and even used for event decor purposes.

  • Slipper Chair

Slipper chairs are very similar to armless chairs. They have a more extended seat, compared to the regular chairs, and also have a low height structure. They are often upholstered, making them comfortable to have in bedrooms and living rooms.

  • Barrel Chair

The name “barrel” comes from the rounded off back of such chairs. These chairs are upholstered thoroughly, often making them compact and tight for a person to sit on them. They are of low height, but usually weigh more than others. Their overstuffed cushioning gives them a cozy feel so many people use them in bedrooms.

  • Swivel Accent Chair

Swivel chairs are a great addition to your dining area, study table, and offices. These chairs can come either upholstered or not, but always have a 360-degree rotating seat. They can be a fun addition to your living room as well, but they might not withstand a lot of rough and tough usage.

The Best Accent Chairs

  • All Roads Shaina Petite Accent Chair

Compact furniture is the new cool. People are decorating their homes with compact furniture that has a more hip and trendy look. This is why the All Roads Shaina petite accent chair can prove to be one of the best additions to your room or living area. It has wooden legs with an eye-catchy denim upholstery. It is ideal for young people’s bedrooms, study desks and even for making waiting areas in restaurants.

  • Nouvelles Barrel Chair

Barrel chairs are super stuffed, making them one of the most comfortable additions to your home. The Nouvelles barrel chair has a beautiful velvet upholstery, with low-height golden legs that give the chair its elegant look. You can get the chair in various colors including slate velvet, emerald velvet, navy velvet, and cranberry velvet. You can either use a pair of the same colors or go mix-and-match with 2 different colors contrasting one another.


IKEA is a go-to furniture store for the majority of us. There is no doubt that they have the most modern, trendy, and versatile range of furniture. The IKEA KOARP accent chair is available in a variety of 3 solid colors including Ostra light blue, Gunnard beige, and Gunnard medium gray. This is a classic-style armchair that has removable cushions on it. Its frame is made with solid wood and plywood, while the legs are of high-quality steel.

  • Donham Lounge Chair

If a wing chair might be too much for your living area, go for this Donham lounge chair available at Wayfair. The chair has low height dark-wood legs, along with a beautiful range of solid colors including bright orange, teal blue, graphite, fern green, and deep blue color. It has a cushioned seat that is removable, along with round tapered legs that provide utmost stability to the chair. Its plastic frame material makes it lightweight so you can move it around easily.

  • Viv Swivel Chair

Say goodbye to old-school swivel chairs with this uniquely shaped barrel-cum-swivel accent chair. You can choose what fabric color you want on this chair, and have it made on order so that the chair fits well with the rest of your furniture! It has a wooden frame and webbed cushion support providing you excellent comfort in your home. It has a discreet 360-degree rotating base that does not stand out from the rest of the chair. It looks like a regular barrel chair but with a swivel base.

  • Cicely Tufted Accent Chair 

Tufted chairs, couches, sofas, and even bed headboards have been in trend for a long time. If you want to jump on the bandwagon and keep up with the trend too, go for this Cicely Tufted accent chair from Target. It has a tufted back and a seat, fully upholstered and padded for your comfort. It also has beautiful and simplistic rubber wood legs that complement that elegant gray fabric.

All in All…

Accent chairs and tables have recently become hugely popular. They are very compact and add additional style statements to the living space. If you are interested in revamping your home or making a huge change by changing just one piece of furniture, go for an accent chair! They are super comfortable, come in a variety of shapes, and are readily available too.