The Best Anime Sites Around


Anime has become more popular over the years, and with its growing popularity is the rise in interest for adapting it into other media formats. Best KissAnime Alternatives you should try in 2112 – Enjoying online anime streams gives you the ability to either download or stream the anime content while enjoying your favorite show. Many streaming websites offer free viewing or video and sound contents on the internet without the need for downloading the actual content to your computer. This means that you don’t have to wait for hours upon hours to download just one episode, instead you can view the full length of the animation series whenever you want. This is perfect for people who love anime, but don’t want to commit to the monthly subscription that would be required to enjoy it on home television.


Download the latest version of Animeator, an application which allows you to convert PSD designs to Anime and convert them back again using this application. Animeator has an in-built user interface which makes browsing its options simple and easy. It also provides a variety of options that allow you to stream various categories of anime such as manga, light novels, seinen, shounen, and slice of life. There are some options which will require you to have a subscription while some will be available for free. The free options are great if you only intend to stream a few selected genres, however if you intend on watching the entire array of anime in order to fully enjoy the visual experience, then the paid version is the best alternative.

Anime Bay/Animebay

The Animebay online community has grown to a very large extent due to its user-friendly website design. Like Animeator, Amambay offers a wide range of anime streaming websites where you can choose from a wide selection of cartoon shows, shorts, movies, and TV series. Like Animebay, the user-friendly navigation options make browsing through its options quite easy. It has an extensive archive which includes past topics, forums, discussions and community pages which you can easily access.

Hikaru No Go

If you are looking for an alternative site to watch anime online with great picture quality, then Hikaru No Go is the perfect choice for you. This website is considered one of the most preferred by professionals as well as complete beginners as it provides a high quality viewing experience. The website was created especially for people who wanted to watch their favorite anime online in their PCs and other gadgets such as LCD TVs.

Anime Planet

If you are a fan of the full-length Japanese animation series then you would definitely love to check out Anime Planet which is another great alternative to Hikaru No Go. Here you can watch your favorite anime series in high definition video. This is one of the best alternatives to actually download videos from anime sites because the video quality is quite good and the channel is quite responsive.


Anime fans worldwide can breathe a sigh of relief with this site. As opposed to many other sites which allow you to only download videos after paying a monthly fee, A2Zanime allows you to stream, download and share your anime videos right from your computer or mobile device. The site offers several special features such as chat rooms, photo galleries, forums and other fun add-ons that you can use to enhance your experience while watching your favorite anime videos.

Anime Planet

The website is another one of the best alternatives to Hikaru No Go. KissAnime Alternatives is a community based site where anime fans from all over the world can come together and discuss any issue that they may encounter. You can even upload your own videos and share them with other members. The site has a large archive which includes past topics, discussions, and feedback from users and experts around the globe. For an extra-special experience, the site also allows you to search for specific types of anime movies and subscribe to services which give you access to a database of manga and anime movies.

The best anime sites

HikaruNoGo, Anime Cafe, Amegaknight, AniseNoises and so many more offer a diverse collection of categories for you to choose from. With millions of categories to choose from, it is now possible to stream, download and share your favorite anime videos without spending a single cent. While there are similar services online, these services usually charge a monthly fee. Some of the other services like torrent sites charge a monthly fee as well. A lot of people find these fees too high and out of the budget of most anime fans. Fortunately, all of these sites are 100% free to use and are very easy to navigate.