The Best Black-Clad Pakistani Celebrities


From the past few decades, the Pakistani Media, film, and drama industries have evolved remarkably well. Much that, they have given us many blockbuster performances, drama series, movies and birthed quite a few remarkable actors and actresses. The impact of such phenomenal performances did not just thrive within the borders of Pakistan; however, the neighboring states also displayed their much valued profound, keen interests, praised the actors from across the borders. And hence, showed the boundless love and respect they hold for the Pakistani dramas and cinema industry.

Pakistani Fashion — A Fruit Of Great Demand 

Ironically, it was not just the actors’ acting, a film’s script, or the cinematics that got the praising. Pakistani Fashion, both male and female, is high on demand in our neighbors. Although Indian and Pakistani clothing is nearly the same yet, the fans from across the borders can not hold back themselves admiring the oh-so-similar-yet-distinct dressing style. Indeed, our fashion is exquisite. Who are we to blame the fans from a whole different state when we, ourselves, can’t help and be astounded by the glitz and glam of our style? None. 


Most Asian clothes, especially from the South, be it a woman’s long gown-dress or a man’s formal wear, all are, somewhence, uniformly same. Like people say, “Stand two people, one Indian and other Pakistani, together and make them wear their traditional attires, the one thing that is going to give away their identity is the ‘method’ of wearing. Not the whole of a dress.”

Given that Pakistani dramas and series are now airing on an international level, most search feeds are all about people from different origins searching for Asian Clothes onlineThe task is not easy. We have already established that. Even now, with the great assistance of online stores and markets available that sell beautiful, elegant Asian clothesmuch like Libas e Jamilathe hunt for the ‘best’ dress is never going to end soon.

The Most Beautiful Black Dresses Adorn by Your Favourite Idols Of The Drama/Film Industry

Black — the unknown, majestic, evil, and mystery, these are all words that you associate with the shade as dark as the mid of night and Death’s eye.

No being walking on earth would state their dislikeness for this color. That’s a fact! Not an exaggeration. Be it an everyday outfit, a fun night of an event, a formal function of the year, or a beloved’s wedding. It is not uncommon to see people drowning themselves in black and call it their OTTD. Flawless and effortless. This is how most people describe a black dress.

Pakistani Celebrities are nowhere far behind, with their obsession with black color and dresses. Here is why we have compiled a shortlist of our favorite celebrities adorning themselves in with our favorite color.

  1. Maya Ali

On many occasions, the “Teefa in Trouble” actress, Maya Ali, was seen cladding herself in gorgeous mid-night black outfits. And we did not complain!


Maya often completes her looks by accessorizing her outfits, mainly black, with ethnic-statement earrings, thin-pearled necklaces, and nude, subtle makeup. And! She is ready to steal the show. 

  1. Hareem Farooq

The stunning actress is best known for her height, along with her absolutely phenomenal acting skills. Hareem has been in the Pakistani cinema and drama industry for quite a while now. She has worked in many great dramas and produced many award-winning movies. Much like her amazing acting and producing skills, her style also deserves praise.

Hareem Farooq

In an Instagram post, she called black her ‘happy color,’ and much to our understanding, this is the reason why she likes to wear the color black the most. Here are some of the black dresses that she wore on recent occasions.

  1. Sana Javed 

As much as we loved San’s Western-style black suite in an award show a few years back, we love to see her dolling herself in beautiful Eastern-style dresses. And when they are black, we might love it a little more.

We would describe Sana’s style as more as the pastel colors of the sky, summer, and light-breeze. However, her other style, which she does not opt for often, would be defined as dark, glam, and cold. Admittedly, we enjoy both of her looks.

  1. Mahira Khan

Black is a versatile color; however, pulling it off well is not everyone’s cup of tea. But when it is Mahira Khan, every color she wears becomes a versatile color or design. From the launch of her drama, Humsafar, till now, nearly a decade later, we can not forget her gorgeous black dress. Back in the day, Mahira’s black dress gave birth to a new trend and everyone seemed to love it. However, her style and love for the color black have not much died. She dresses herself up in dark and bold colors that give her a fierce look. It sure seems like, along with us, Mahira does enjoy dolling herself in black dresses.


  1. Ayeza Khan

Now, how was our list complete without mentioning this serene beauty in our article? Hmm, maybe never. 

The very talented, phenomenal, and method actress, known famously for her role as ‘Mehwish’ in “Mere paas tum ho” rocked every look she wore in that series. But the most eye-catching was the one she wore in the 5th Episode. The infamous glittering, shimmering Black Saree. God! What a beauty this one is!

The smokey eye, the nude lip, the hairstyle, the jewellery, and her. Everything was just perfect about this look!

  1. Naimal Khawar 

Mrs. Hamza Ali Abbasi — the new girl in town, the angel from the fairy tales stories, and the new mother of a beautiful kid; Naimal Khawar, an absolute beauty. No matter what she wears, even a paper bag, she would not look less of a princess. And we all know that’s a fact. 

Let’s talk about the attention she withdrew when she wore the black dress and looked like an ethereal beauty. Her style is unique, simple yet elegant, and she embraces it proudly. Just like she did this one!

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