The Best Ways to Speed-Up Your Old & Tired iMac


No denial, iMac is an incredible product of Apple inc. That’s why; it is getting great recognition globally. Gladly, Apple Inc’s products are reliable and can be used for a longer time. Nevertheless, it is still imperative to take good care of your iMac for long-lasting performance.

Although iMac is one of the most reliable products, it can experience some minor issues with time. Generally, it gets sluggish for several reasons, and it is challenging for you to use it effortlessly. In this situation, it is vital to consider iMac repair Philippines services to fix your device in the first place.

So, if you are worried about the slothful speed of your iMac or it takes time to boot your classy gadget, you are at the most suitable place. You don’t need to buy a new iMac (as not everyone can buy this expensive device easily) because we are here to guide you about how to give a new lease of life to your old and tired iMac.

Please, go through the entire discussion properly and grab the relevant information.

The Ultimate Way to Speed-Up Your Old and Sluggish iMac

Here’s how you can improve your iMac performance for an extended period.

  • Buy a RAM Kit and SSD

If your iMac stops performing quickly, then you can try the simplest, cost-effective, and effortless way to boost up its speed. Yes, we are talking about fitting an SSD and installing fast RAM.

Captivatingly, you don’t need an exceptional skill-set to install it.

The key step is to get a RAM kit and SSD from a well-reputed and trustworthy vendor. However, before you upgrade your device, don’t forget to maintain your device’s backup file. Indeed, there are numerous ways to protect your data, but you should choose the easiest and convenient way for you.

If you think you can’t fix iMac’s speed at home, then you shouldn’t take the matter into your hand. There are so many professional and notorious iMac repair centers in the Philippines. You can choose the one that ensures immediate premium services without compromising the quality standards.

Here’s how you can find the best iMac repair center for you.

  • Use the internet and find the best Apple products repair centers near to your area.
  • Compare their reviews and rating.
  • Opt for a repair center with satisfied customers.

This way, you can find a trustworthy repair center in less time.

  • Clean-Up Your Desktop

The key difference between iMac and other computers is that it has only one hard disk. That’s why; you need to do everything with one hard disk. Generally, users assume that they can’t run out of memory if they save their files in a C drive. But it’s not true, as irregularly saving unnecessary files can slow down your Mac. Moreover, keeping your apps on the desktop also triggers performance. Hence, you need to fix such issues beforehand.

You should clean up your desktop and try these things for better performance.

  • Remove all those apps you don’t use on Dock. For this, select the app and right-click on it after that. After that, opt for the ‘Remove from dock’ option.
  • Delete all the irrelevant files and maintain a proper folder for the relevant and valuable files.
  • Take off your Apps on your computer because your apps can affect the CPU and entire storage.

Indeed, it is easy to clean up the desktop, and you can do it without a problem.

  • Clean-Up the Trash

We understand iMac is recognized for its exceptional storage. Still, it is suggested to remove unneeded files more often. Once you have removed or deleted the unrelated apps or folders, it is recommended to remove them from your trash folder too permanently.

Trust us; it creates a significant impact and improves your device’s speed considerably.

  • Close Unused Apps Run in the Background

You can use Activity Monitor to find out the unlaunched apps that still run in the background. Indeed, they reduce the speed of iMac and make it look old and tired. Close all those apps and boost up the device speed.

  • Restart Your iMac

It is one of the most effective ways to clear cache without any significant efforts. Besides, don’t forget to reboot your iMac regularly for desired performance. Currently, the availability of SSD in iMac awakes it rapidly from sleeping mode.

Precisely, if you observe that your iMac is getting slow, then you can restart it for better performance.

Repairing your iMac Instead Of Buying Is a Smart Choice

Based on the discussion mentioned above, don’t you think it’s easy to repair iMac for better performance?

However, always prefer skilled and competent technicians for desired results. Gladly, the famous repair centers always hire proficient technicians. That’s why; it is suggested to choose their services for guaranteed results.