The choice of ETL for Big commerce- What are the pointers to consider?

ecommerce ETL

Big commerce happens to be a top e-commerce platform that enables you to deal with the complexities of selling online. As mentioned on the home page, you can feel a business with all the capabilities of an enterprise without an essence of complexity in any form. Though big commerce is something that goes on to provide numerous benefits for a business, it would allow a business to navigate and grow quickly. If you are not utilizing big commerce data, you end up missing out on critical insights for your business. The reason being data is valuable only if you use it properly. If your aim is to improve data accuracy and enhance productivity there are important points to consider for ecommerce ETL when it comes to big commerce.

Why ETL is important?

In the data driven world of today, any information that you collect is imperative for the long- term growth of the company. Though you may have a collection of invaluable data this could be something that may not be accessible. At this point of time ETL would come into play.

ETL stands for extract transform and load that is a three-way process that ends with your data warehouse. Once the data is extracted and transformed, the ETL tool that you will use tends to organize and load the data so that you are able to manage the business intelligence in a better way.

There are certain benefits of ETL that is going to have a major impact on the big commerce data

  • Automation- ETL would allow you to collect, transform and then load your data. In doing so it will automate the process. It saves your time and effort as this is going to have an impact on your ROI.
  • The complex data is simplified- If you are trying to analyze and interpret your entire raw data, it is going to be a full – time job. The role of ETL is to take up the complex data and this may include everything from the customer names to time zones and then goes on to simplify it.
  • Reduces the possibility of human error- A lot of mistakes tend to emerge when marketers are analyzing data and some of them may turn out to be costly. One error can lead to another error and it may turn out to be costly. An ETL provides peace of mind as it leads to an effective form of decision making.

What are the pointers that you need to consider when you are choosing the best ETL for big commerce?

Implementation of ETL that is part of your big commerce strategy would enable you to summarize data and obtain in depth analysis. This is going to enhance productivity along with performance. Whatever is being said, writing between custom ETL scripts in house and a proper understanding of ETL in comparison to ETL may turn out to be a tinge confusing. So when you are about to choose an ETL there are numerous pointers for you to consider.


The ETL platform that you are going to choose should be able to integrate across a wide range of applications and platforms. An example is that the Sales Force should be able to create an account based on the data that is obtained from Big commerce. Another example would be able to bring big commerce data to Amazon Redshift. Though the above examples turn out to be popular user cases. This is going to provide you with the much- needed flexibility ranging from Square to Google analytics. You are in a position to obtain the much needed that is vital for the success for your business.

Set- up process

The main goal is to enhance efficiency and productivity. For this reason, you may end up opting for an ETL platform, that would allow you to set up integrations without the need to code.  For all those who are looking for advanced customization notable platforms end up providing an API platform

The moment integrations are set up a point-to-point interface would turn out to be valuable. One of the underlying causes is that it is not going to require any form of code data management. It has the capabilities of an enterprise grade ETL solution without any form of difficulty. You also need to be mindful of the automation facts that is something which is scheduled on a monthly, weekly and a yearly basis.


You may be looking for features that would provide field level encryption to protect sensitive data. The moment you are dealing with customer names and credit card information you need to encrypt the data. Most of the platform provides this feature as the users are allowed to encrypt and decrypt the data with the use of their own encryption key.

From a security point of view, it is imperative that the platform goes on to comply with all the regulatory laws for the industry and region such as HIPAA or others.


Data integration can turn out to be a challenging process, and this is the reason why you want to link up with a platform that provides outstanding customer service. If you encounter any issues with your data, you would be looking for fast and timely support as soon as possible. The reason being data operational is important as you want the services of quality professionals on board.

So that your business is efficient, adaptive and agile as far as possible accurate data flow turns out to be the key. When it comes to the question of e-commerce, you need to have access to customer inventory, as customer data may turn out to be the major difference as this is going to increase your revenue and enhance costs. If you happen to be an owner of an ecommerce business, you are likely to collect data in a cloud based platform system that tends to arise daily.