The Right use of the world’s Data Storages through Snowflake

India Snowflake Implementation

The Data Cloud will continue to expand as companies move data from cloud-based silos to data clouds. Through using the instantly and almost indefinitely scalable Snowflake Cloud Data Platform, certain companies can access the Data Cloud to enable each company to operate seamlessly across different cloud providers and their regions and in a managed way. But how you can get the right use of Snowflake data? Read on.

Set the right goals

A good cloud platform is the foundation for getting started with data, but it is just as important to measure the right thing. Determine what goal you are pursuing and determine KPIs that match.

Such a goal could be, for example, the evaluation of a working from home policy. If you have doubts about tightening or relaxing this, it may be worthwhile to investigate whether there is a difference between what staff at the office do to work, compared to colleagues who work from home.

If data shows that there is hardly any difference in productivity – which is often the case in practice – then there is an objective reason to relax the rules. Since the ability to work outside the office is an important employment condition for many, it can contribute to their satisfaction – and ultimately their productivity.

Data can also provide support with recruitment. There are already companies that use algorithms to predict the engagement of potential employees. This helps managers to attract the right talent and evaluate how onboarding and training methods can be optimized, which in turn can lead to higher productivity, cost savings and better customer service.

Using external data

Relevant business data is often spread across multiple systems, departments or even geographic locations. But interesting information is also available outside the organization, for example in open sources such as social media.

Manual entry in traditional spreadsheets, which you have to interpret yourself, is old-fashioned and prone to errors. Snowflake brings all your data from different sources together at the touch of a button.

Graphically display flat data

Where ‘flat’ data in Excel files often means little and is difficult to read, with business intelligence your data ‘comes to life’. You gain insights to make predictions, discover patterns and view geographic information.

For example, a company in the manufacturing industry can combine data from incoming orders with that from the external logistics chain to make recommendations for the right production capacity. It is also possible to check which product sells better in which season and at which locations service technicians are often requested, so that the planning can be optimized with that information.

Snowflake Data Marketplace

Ready for queries from your Snowflake account to discover and use datasets of third parties. The Snowflake Data Marketplace allows users to have access to a single, active copy of data. No backup of files, no drag-out data and no delays.

Moreover, the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform allows the customers access to the Data Cloud, enabling them to reach new levels of success as part of a global network of data consumers, suppliers and service providers. India Snowflake Implementation breaks the barriers to the real value of their data for companies of all sizes. Thousands of customers use Snowflake to further grow their businesses than ever before and to gain all their insights from all their results.