The Scientific Method for Marketing


The scientific method is a way to make hypotheses and test those hypotheses. One of the most infamous examples of the scientific method in action is the “double-blind study”. In this study, one group receives a placebo and another group receives a drug. The groups are completely unaware which group they’re in – this prevents bias – and neither does anybody else. The results can be objective because nobody knows what they’re getting until after it’s over. This allows us to draw conclusions from the results without any bias or preconceived notions about what we expect will happen (aka “confirmation bias”). Once you know how to apply the scientific method to marketing, you’ll be able to do some interesting things with your business! It’s not easy though… first you have to figure out what your hypothesis is!


Table of Contents

What Is Your Hypothesis?

I’ve worked on projects where I didn’t know my hypothesis until halfway through. That’s super stressful! Not only that, but if I didn’t know my hypothesis up front it usually meant that everyone else had no idea what was going on either… which isn’t good for communication within an organization! To avoid these problems, figure out exactly how you’re going to test your hypothesis before running any tests at all. That way everyone’s on board with exactly where things are heading before anything happens at all. I think you can leverage branding and marketing to test your hypothesis and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.


Brand and Marketing: Your Hypothesis-Testing Weapon

Let’s say you want to invest in a new marketing strategy. Before making any changes, try piloting the technique with a few customers – this is especially important if it’s something new or controversial! You can then apply what you’ve learned from that pilot program (and its results) to inform your decision on how best to proceed. This is a way of A/B testing your hypothesis without going through all of the hassle of building two identical websites! If it doesn’t work, change tactics – which I’ll go over next…

Change Tactics! Don’t Get Stuck Fighting a Losing Battle… Or Maybe Do? It Depends On Whether You’re Winning or Not! Yeah I’m Just Going With That Flow… Anyway Don’t Be Afraid To Change Tactics If Something Isn’t Working Out For You! In fact, do it as soon as possible so that you don’t waste too much time on bad ideas before finding out whether they were bad ideas or not!!! But I would advise against changing tactics too frequently unless there’s really no reason not to – it can be confusing for people following along with what they’ve been told up until now if they hear something different every week or so. So only change tactics when things need changing.


So What Are The Tactics You Can Use To Change Up Your Marketing?

I’ll give you a few examples here. I’m not going to give you too much detail, because this post is supposed to be short! If you want more info on what I think will work really well for your business then contact me and we can talk about it.

Email marketing – Send out weekly newsletters with updates, industry news, and giveaways. This keeps things interesting for your audience while increasing your brand awareness! If you’re creative enough the emails don’t have to come across as “salesy” either… even if they are sales pitches sometimes. For example, if I send out an email saying “Hey guys, check this out! We’ve got a new product now!” that doesn’t sound so bad now does it? It’s actually letting people know what’s happening in my business – that’s valuable information that people want to hear about! Listen up though… just because they want to hear about something doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy just yet.

There are lots of ways to run a business, lots of things you can do with it. The scientific method is a good thing to keep in mind when making decisions about how best to proceed in your business. Keep up the good work!