The Top 5 Online Cake Delivery Services In Singapore


A celebration is boring and tedious without a cake. But, what if you forget to bring a special cake for a special event? Well, luckily, most of the cake shops provide online cake delivery Singapore. So, you can get a customized cake without visiting any cake shop and disturbing your hectic routine.

Interestingly, there’s no shortage of cake shops in Singapore. In fact, you can find top quality bakeries without any considerable effort. Don’t worry if you want a doll cake for your baby girl’s birthday or want to surprise your spouse with a red velvet cake on the wedding anniversary; these cake shops are capable enough to deliver your dream cakes even at the 11th hour.

Captivatingly, we have made the selection of the most delicate cake shops easier for you. Here, we have highlighted the list of all those cake shops that worth your dollars. So, for your next celebrations or midnight cake craving, you can choose any of these bakeries with the best delivery services in Singapore.

  • Oscar’s Cake

If you want premium-quality and lip-smacking cake without visiting a cake shop, then Oscar’s cake is a reliable name to consider. They offer prompt and trust-worthy cake delivery services within 24 hours.

Initially, this venture was started by a father and his son. Oscar used to prepare the cakes, whereas his son used to deliver the cakes. But with time and due to impeccable services, this shop got immensely popular among Singaporeans. Impressively, this father-son venture is growing, and they are still expanding their team.

Also, their freshly baked cheesecakes and gourmet cakes are always ready to deliver anywhere in Singapore. You can order any customized cake as per your preference, and they are prepared to deliver at any time.

Well, we recommend you try their exceptional signature cakes, including Yuan Yang Coffee Cake, and enjoy it with tea.

Their incredible services include;

  • Free delivery in the nearest location
  • Prompt delivery in Singapore
  • Great variety of fresh cakes

So, don’t worry about picking up the cakes from cake shops as Oscar’s cake deliver the cake to your doorstep.

  • Ugly Cake Shop

Oh, don’t worry, they don’t deliver ugly cakes in reality. In fact, they prefer fresh and best ingredients over unhealthy ones. For instance, they don’t add excess sugar to the cake; instead, they replace it with butter cakes for the perfect preparation of cakes’ fondants.

Resultantly, customers admire their yummiest and healthiest cakes due to their excellent ingredients. This cake shop is the best option for health-conscious people because they deliver fabulous cakes after meeting all the customers’ requirements.

They are quite famous for preparing customized cakes. For example, if you are a diabetic patient or want something that doesn’t contain excess sugar, they prepare cakes without adding eggs, nuts, or anything that customers don’t like.

Another fantastic thing about this cake shop is that they denote a portion of the money to needy people. So, isn’t it something remarkable that they not only prepare delicious cakes but donate money to needy people as well?

Some out of ordinary things about their services;

  • Pure and healthy ingredients
  • Egg and nuts free cakes upon customer request

You will admire their quick and satisfactory cake delivery services.

  • Sooperlicious

Undoubtedly, their name is enough for your satisfaction and contentment. Interestingly, they have been providing halal cakes since 2009 without compromising the quality standards. Additionally, their ultimate objective is to add incomparable cake and super phenomenal fun in the cake. No surprise, they are keeping up their promise for ages.

So, if you want creative, tasty, and affordable cakes, then you can trust their prompt cake delivery services.

Here’s something more particular about their services;

  • Halal certified cakes
  • Funny, creative, and full of flavor cake
  • Affordable cakes

You don’t need to manage the extra budget to enjoy the immediate delivery of their perfect cakes.

  • Osh

One of the most real things about this cake shop is that they still use traditional techniques to prepare flawless cakes. Additionally, they use top quality and natural ingredients for the preparation of the super yummy cake.

P.Osh is famous for luscious cheesecake and brownie, cupcakes, and chocolate cakes. So, this cake shop is best for your midnight cheesecake and brownies craving.

Let’s appreciate their marvelous services, including;

  • Support charity programs
  • Prompt cake delivery of halal cake
  • Finest cheesecake and brownies

So, try their cakes and share your experience with us.

  • Whips Cakes

This cake shop uses the finest ingredients and prepares magnificent cakes for beloved customers. Their customized chocolate, strawberry, pandan, and cream cheesecakes are amazing. You can ask for M&Ms, Nuts, and Marshmallow topping according to your preference.

Hence, you can choose their customized cakes because they can deliver the best cake at any time.

Have We Mentioned Your Favorite Cake Shop Name?

We are sure that we have listed down the best cake shops in Singapore to ensure the perfect cake and prompt cake delivery anywhere in Singapore. So, order your desired cake and enjoy your event to its fullest.