Things to Consider When Purchasing Custom Curtains


    Try asking several interior designers what part of the house should not be left bare and empty-looking. They will have the same answer and that is your windows. Once you forget to place curtains or blinds on the said space, the overall look of your house will be greatly affected. It will lack the elegance and sophistication that almost all your guests are looking forward to witnessing in every home.  Besides that, you will not be able to block the ultraviolet rays that pass through your windows.

    The right window treatments can help add a touch of elegance and dimension to space, as well as, improve the insulation of your home. Every homeowner’s dilemma includes whether or not to purchase custom-made curtains or ready-made ones. If it is also your problem nowadays, then keep on reading.

    The difference between custom-made curtains and ready-made ones

    Have you been searching for curtains and blinds near me on Google? If yes, you probably encountered stores that offer custom-made and ready-made items but what are their differences?

    Custom-made curtains are more expensive than ready-made ones because they are manufactured based on your needs and wants for your home. They will be crafted in such a way that follows your desired measurement and customized look and style. It means that you will receive unique curtains made to order and not in bulk. Not only will you be given the opportunity to choose the fabric colors and textures, but also the fabric transparencies, header style, and additional treatments.

    On the other hand, ready-made curtains are for people who have a tight budget since they are more affordable than customized curtains. Companies producing these items manufacture them in bulk so you can only choose from a limited number of fabrics and a few standard sizes. As a result, you will not be able to purchase curtains with the exact look and style that you have in mind. It is not the best option for your house if it has windows and doors of unusual sizes.

    Things to consider when purchasing customizable curtains

    1.   The curtain fabric

    There are numerous curtain fabrics that you can choose from in the market and with so many options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You must realize that each of these fabrics has varying characteristics and purposes. So when choosing the right fabric, you must first identify the type of room you are trying to decorate. For instance, you should choose silk, linen, and velvet fabrics if you want a curtain that will hang best.

    If you intend to purchase a curtain for your living room where privacy is not a priority, you may select linen and silk material since they let the light penetrate making the place appear brighter. These kinds of fabrics will not easily deteriorate and fade in terms of color compared to real silk. In places where the temperature gets too high, especially during the summer season, you may purchase curtains with suede, tapestry, velvet, or tweed fabrics because they have the ability to block the sunlight.

    Before making any purchase decisions, you must check out if it can be machine-washed. Some fabrics do not respond well and can easily get damaged when you clean them with the use of a washing machine.

    2.   The color of the curtain fabric

    All types of fabrics are meant to fade in terms of color but differ in longevity. Some color of the curtain fabrics is known to last for only a few months if it is continuously exposed to extreme sunlight while others will fade a few years if properly maintained. If you plan to purchase a curtain to be placed in a generously sunny room, it is not advisable to choose brighter colors because they tend to fade the fastest. Choose neutral colors if you want to own fade-resistant curtains. To make it more visually appealing, you can add a contrasting band of fabric that best complements the color of your wall, furniture, or flooring.

    When choosing the color of the fabric, consider if it can bring out the patterns in your room. For instance, you might choose the one with a slightly lighter or darker shade of your wall color.

    3.   The size of the curtain

    To create an illusion that you have a bigger window than it actually is, you must hang curtains higher on your wall. When deciding on the size of your curtain, it must be at least six inches above the window frame. It is best to add four more inches to the actual window width to make the glass visible when you open the curtain.

    To achieve a draped-looking place, make sure to purchase a curtain with a size that is as wide as the window. You should pair it with curtain panels with a size that is two inches wider than the window.  You should also take into consideration the length of the curtains. Would you want short ones wherein its hem will only touch the windowsill or you prefer curtains that can reach the ground?

    4.   The pleat of the curtain

    When customizing the curtains, you will have to choose how you would like the top of your curtain to be pleated. The most popular options that homeowners consider are the pinch-pleated curtains and goblet-pleated ones. The former can create a classic and tailored look because its top hem is pinched in a single, double, or triple-fold. While the latter is a wise choice if you want to maintain an elegant and formal-looking window due to its rounded goblet-shaped pleats. Other options include grommet-to and ripple fold pleats that are manufactured solely for convenience and practicality.

    In a Nutshell

    It is important to consider the things mentioned above before purchasing any customizable curtains. In this way, you will not end up with window treatments that are not worth your time and money. Buy customizable curtains now to have the right fabric, color, size, and pleat that will best suit the interiors of your house!

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