Tips To Get Your Hands on the Best Canvas Photo Prints


With the advent of technology, one can get access to newer, more innovative ways of home decor. The most prominent example of one such creative decor is canvas photo prints. These prints are in high demand due to their longevity, durability, and customization options which allow people to add something unique and personal to their homes. While the quality of canvas photo prints done by printing houses is generally outstanding, it can deteriorate due to certain factors from your end. 

Thus, to avoid any problems in the quality of the photos, we bring you a set of tips to ensure you get the highest quality canvas photo prints. But before we jump in, let us take a look at what these photo prints are.  

What Are Canvas Photo Prints?

Canvas photo prints refer to the photos which are printed over canvases, with the help of laser printers. One can get these canvases laminated to enhance their lifespan. The best part about canvas photo printing is that these photos can be customized to add anything one wants. You can include pictures with your loved ones, landscape photos, abstract art, or any other subject and have them hang in their home. You can also get them framed or leave them unframed – it does not affect their longevity.

Canvas photo prints cheap can be done in several places, and most of these printing houses deliver good quality prints. However, the quality of the print is also dependent on certain factors from your end. Below are a few tips for you to keep in mind to get good-quality photo prints for your canvas. 

Tips For Canvas Photo Prints 

  • Printing Of Old Photographs

If you think of printing old photographs on your canvas, we suggest enhancing the picture on any premium photo editing app. If you are capable of doing it yourself, you can do it at home. Otherwise, you can ask the printing house to work on it before printing it on the canvas. We suggest getting the professionals to do it as they have a keen eye for any under or over-exposure in photos, red eyes, or other problems. They can eradicate these and enlarge the picture to the size you require. 

  • Using High-Quality Pictures 

The second most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that one uses the highest quality pictures they can find. While some canvases can work with slightly lower-quality images, larger ones always require the highest resolution to avoid blurriness.

For example, if you are getting canvas photo prints large, you will require high-resolution pictures. This is because when your photo is printed on a large canvas, you would not want it to become grainy and blurry and lose its beauty. Again, if you are thinking of printing on small canvases, you can afford to compromise a little on the photo quality. However, we suggest not going for too low-resolution pictures as they might end up becoming blurry anyway.

  • Choosing Correct Canvas Size

Choosing the right size of the canvas is very important, and it is the key to making your picture pop. For example, if you are going for a family picture with full-length poses of your family members, you would want a long rectangular canvas. Again, if you are looking for close-ups, you can go for square-sized canvases to bring their faces in focus. Also, if you are aiming for collages, we suggest getting small multiple square or hexagon canvases to put them right next to one another. This will quickly fill up the space while adding a unique touch to your room.

  • Keeping In Mind the Location Of The Canvas

The location where the canvas will hang is of supreme importance. This is because if you end up ordering huge canvas photo prints for a tiny space or a tiny canvas print for a larger area, it will look uninteresting and out of place. You should get a measuring tape, measure out the exact place you will hand the canvas, and then order the prints. This will ensure that the prints fit the area, filling up the space just the right way. 

If you are hoping to give this canvas to someone, we suggest looking around their house beforehand. Even if you do not take a measuring tape along, a quick visual can give you a basic idea of the size of canvas prints you can hope to provide them with.

  • Keeping In Mind One’s Color Scheme

While choosing canvases, one should keep in mind the existing decor, furniture, and the color scheme of the painted walls. After you have selected a picture for your canvas printing, you would not want the colors on the canvas to clash with the colors of the background. If you have a striking, vibrant-colored wall, go for pictures with more perfect tints. Again, if your wall is simple white or beige, go for a picture with warmer tones or with striking colors.

You get a hold of a color wheel to help you select a picture in harmony with your wall. You can use them to understand whether they complement each other, make a bold contrasting statement, or look too wild and clumsy.

  • Using The Correct Picture

Last but not least, we suggest you choose a picture that you would want to see all the time. You can look for a picture with many happy memories attached, a photo from a comfortable vacation – you would not want an awkward picture or a picture with unpleasant memories to be hung in your home forever. 


Thus, one needs to consider the tips mentioned above to get the best possible canvas photo prints. These factors will ensure that you get top-quality prints for your canvas that will enhance the beauty of your home. We hope these tips help you get the quality print you desire to make a beautiful, memorable, and unique canvas print for your home.