Top 10 Must-Have Car Accessories for Elderly Safety


The elderlies in our family are generally reluctant to take their cars for a ride because major parts of the driving require them to be in positions uncomfortable for them.

Here is the list of car accessories made up with advanced technology that one must have to make their car old-age friendly.

All the accessories in the list are made with minor details, keeping in mind the general problems and safety issues the elderlies have to face while driving.

10 Best Car Accessories for Elderly Safety

This is the best car interior and car exterior accessories list for the safety of our dear grandparents when they are driving their cars:

  • Mirror Dash Camera

Dashboard camera is also known as car DVR or driving recorder that is used for continuous recording of the view of the front windscreen, rear and other windows.

Some dash cams are available with a 360 degree camera which provides a complete view of the car and the advanced 4G technology enables sharing of photos and videos.

This gadget comes very helpful when someone is parking their car in a congested space.

It is also a must-have protective gadget for your vehicle that can be very useful in legal proceedings after any accident or vandalism happens to the car.

  • Standing Aid and Support Handle

It is often difficult for the elder people to perform simple activities like entering or exiting the car as their bones are weakened by the time and muscles get frail. But old age should not be a barrier for them to enjoy life as they always did.

A standing aid or support handle is a portable tool that enables easy movement of seniors to get in or out of the car.

You can also get it fixed to the vehicle for more frequent use.

  • Car Cane Handle

Make your granny feel independent with a Car Cane handle which makes sure that they don’t need to ask for anyone’s help to move inside the car or to get out of it.

A car cane simply fixes into the door latch of the car when you need to use it and provides you the perfect and reliable support to move easily without feeling any muscular strain.

  • Hands-Free Car Kit

Multitasking is never a great idea while driving and the risk gets higher with the senior citizens.

A hands-free car kit, also known as a mobile phone car kit, enables the user to use their cell phone and attend some important calls without actually using their hands.

This super functional device has a speaker and a microphone that connects to the cell phone and enables hands-free use.

  • In-car medical alert system

This is a simple device that needs to be plugged in the power source of the vehicle and it is ready to offer solutions for a wide range of problems generally faced by the elder people such as flat tyres or minor health issues.

It provides assistance from trained helpers to the user on a single push of the button and detects crashes automatically.

Age is no longer a barrier to face emergency situations and live an independent life.

  • Track Device

This miraculous device needs to be simply installed into the vehicle and you no longer need to worry about the location of your vehicle.

This advanced technology tells you the exact location with complete accuracy.

It can be easily set up anywhere in the car and you can track the movement and ensure that your loved ones reach the right destination safely.

  • Portable car battery charger

This is a complete life saver that is used to easily jump start dead batteries in emergency situations.

You can also use it in the car when you need it and it is ready to charge multiple cell phones with multiple USB outlets or a power bank when connected to the 12V source.

  • Electric tyre inflator

A flat tyre can be a very panicking situation for an elderly as they are not physically strong enough to change tyres with conventional tools.

An electric tyre inflator uses an electric source of energy to inflate flat tyres easily in an emergency situation.

  • Car smartphone charger

Smartphones are very important for everything we do nowadays.

Most of us now prefer e-wallets over real money. Dead phones can make things very inconvenient in such cases.

Car smartphone charger enables the user to charge their phones while driving so their phone’s battery never dies.

  • Car air purifier

Car air purifier effectively eliminates dust, bacteria, allergens, air pollutants and bad odor within the car which makes the vehicle safer for elderlies with breathing issues and ensures a safe and happy drive for them.


So, here was the best car exterior and car interior accessories list  for elderly safety.

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Hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful. Have a great day ahead.