Top 5 Unique Designed Money Pulling Cake for Your Parents And Grandparents


“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.”                                                                                                   — Alex Haley            

It is quite obvious that everyone loves his/her parents and grandparents. In fact, they are the real assets and treasures of our life. That’s why; it is somewhat necessary to make their special day super exciting, entertaining, and full of fun. You can surprise them with exceptional and enticing cakes as parents/grandparents always appreciate innovative ideas.

Yes, you got it!

We are talking about Money Pulling Cakes Singapore as this new edition of cake is winning everyone’s heart due to its impeccable and exclusive emergence.  The professional bakers bake this cake with love to bring ecstasy, love, and affluence to you and your dearest ones.

If you also want to buy an alluring and lip-smacking money-pulling cake to make your parents’ or grandparents’ days worth remembering, then the present discussion is valuable for you.

Here we are highlighting the top 5 pulling money cake designs that are quite popular worldwide.

Gladly, these cakes bring much eagerness, exhilaration, and enjoyment to the party. They can make the entire merriment wholesome, cheerful, and not to mention bring a cute and precious smile to recipient’s faces. You can opt for any of these designs as they are ideally designed for your beloved parents and grandparents.

The Best Money Pulling Cake Designs to Make Your Parents/Grandparents Day Remarkable

We have shortlisted some amazing cakes for amazing people. Nevertheless, before choosing any of the below-mentioned cakes for your family, it is advisable to select the finest cake shop near your location.

Remember, not everyone knows how to bake these money-pulling cakes without flaws. So, instead of choosing some newbies, it is better to trust some renowned cake shops.

They prepare the perfect cake without compromising the quality. Also, they ensure prompt delivery of freshly baked cakes.

Let’s come back to the original decision and start exploring some unique cakes together.

  • All Thing Haut Cake

This delectable Italian meringue buttercream cake should be your top priority for all good reasons. This ‘All Thing Haut Cake’ is topped with some unique Ingot and Mahjong tiles.

Another remarkable thing about this exceptional cake is that the inclusion of glitter words, gold foil chocolate coins, and gold sprinkles makes this cake different.

We strongly recommend you to opt for this super classy and designer cake if you genuinely want to put a special smile on your parents’ faces. They have struggled a lot for you. That’s why; they deserve all the special gifts and celebrations.

  • Longevity Fortune Gold Drip Cake

No denial; the incomparable name gives vibes that this cake is the real talk of the town. The fascinating embellishment of this pink Italian meringue buttercream cake with gold chocolate coins, gold corner drips glorify this cake.

We want you to buy this remarkable cake for your loved ones because this cake can glorify every event.

  • 4D Simple Money Pulling Cake

Wow, the name shows that this cake is a crowd-pleaser due to its distinctive flavor and materialization. This 4D cake is topped with fresh buttercream that makes every bite worth trying.

However, before you opt for this cake, it is essential to decide the amount of money you want to put inside the cake. The chocolate foil coins and a special message on the cake’s top are everything your grandparents/ parents want on their big day, anniversary, and birthday.

  • Longevity Joy Cake

Remember, age is just a number. That’s why; this yummy for your tummy cake is the best choice for your parents’ 50 anniversary or grandmaa’s/grandpaa’s 70th birthday.

This white marbled round cake with handmade sugared longevity buns is surely eye candy for everyone who becomes a part of celebrations.

Try this cake once, and we are sure you won’t repent the decision of choosing this cake. You would love to buy and try it in the future as well.

  • Green Mahjong Money Pulling Cake

Surely, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But, here beauty lies in Green Mahjong Money Pulling cake. Topped with butter-cream, we recommend you to taste this cake at all special events.

Whether it’s your papa’s birthday or your mother’s birthday, our all recommendations are with this special cake.

Sweeten Your Life with Freshly Baked Money Pulling Cake

So, which of the cake mentioned above is your favorite? We are sure they all are delightful and super tasty. You can try all of them as they taste as good as they look.

Enjoy little bliss in every bite and choose the best cake shop near your area.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us.