Top strategies which help to increase your Instagram followers


Your business was born recently, and you had just the time to publish a few posts between one social network and another. You may not yet know ​​how to use the various platforms to your advantage, but you have surely heard that brands and companies can make a lot of money by selling on Instagram. And it tempts you a little, even if it still seems like a mirage …

With the strategies, we want to share with you! Start here and find out what the winning tactics are for your brand. And remember: there is no one strategy that is right for everyone, but by touching them, you will be able to understand which ones are made for you.

1. Create stunning images

Imagine your typical Instagram user scrolling through their feed.

Go from one mediocre and boring post to another, then to another and another.

Until something happens… a post that captures your attention stands out above the others! A post like this.

But no one forces us to go to Greece and photograph the full moon rising behind the Temple of Poseidon!

You need a beautiful, unique, and high-quality image to get your post noticed and attract your followers.

Here are three tips to boost your Instagram sales through image engagement.

Tip # 1, post images that speak to your audience.

For example, if your audience is interested in different cultures worldwide, an image like this will garner a lot of attention.

Tip # 2 follows the rules of professional photography.

Again, you don’t need a DSLR camera and overpriced professional equipment to take stunning photos.

Follow these rules with your smartphone, and you’ll be good to go.

Use natural light whenever you can.

Avoid overexposure (tap the brightest part you see on the screen before taking the photo).

Take photos from different angles (that’s right! Crouch, crawl, lie down, climb up a wall, why not!)

Use unique frames and borders. A hedge, two skyscrapers, or a little more space are striking examples.

Enhance your images with the right tools.

2. Organize one or more contests to increase sales on Instagram

Organizing a contest on Instagram stimulates engagement with your profile and gives you lots of new followers.

Here are three ideas that you can use to organize an Instagram contest.

Like, comment, and follow. Users like your post and start following you to participate in the contest.

Tag a friend. Users receive a giveaway or reward that you establish by tagging a friend in your post.

User-Generated Content. Your audience creates their posts and tags for your business or uses a hashtag created by you.

So far, the best contest type is created with user-generated content.


Because we all love to share our stories, show our creativity, and impress our followers (not to mention win great prizes!)

3. Focus on videos

Did you know that Instagram videos have twice the engagement of other posts?

That’s right!

To grab the attention of your followers, start leveraging videos.

Here is a quick guide to Instagram videos:

Shoot short videos and grab your viewer’s attention with a movement in the first few seconds of the clip.

Add captions (because, by Instagram’s default, videos are muted).

Always keep the goal of your video in mind (for example, driving traffic to your blog, driving engagement, acquiring new followers, or educating your audience).

Add behind-the-scenes footage to your video to remind you of the human side behind the hard work!

Shoot a product while it is being used (for example, ask your customer to be filmed using your product).

Remember to follow the rules of professional photography when shooting a video.

Don’t you think you are very well prepared with videos? Again, we thought that the webinar Create a powerful video for your social profiles without being an expert could help you create impactful videos for your marketing campaigns.

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5. Use more hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to increase your Instagram audience because your post will appear on the hashtag pages of your choice.

Remember that Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, so take advantage of it!

First, make sure you’re using the most popular hashtags on Instagram.