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Your beauty and wellness space, where we offer you a 100% natural and biological Hairdressing service. Recovering ancestral rituals with ingredients in their purest form and combining the best technical advances of our days. To offer you the best of the past and the best of the future. Always respecting the balance of the nature of your hair, since we use natural ingredients from organic crops. We flee from toxins and oil.

Color Wellness TON & COLOR

Natural Hair Salon Near me, welcome you to the well-being of color. We offer you a way to dye your hair less aggressive to your health, while experiencing an intoxicating experience of aromatherapy and relaxation. A dye without ammonia and with biological essential oils that respects the nature of your hair, of your scalp


At Touched by an angel Salon, we love plants, henna and its powerful beneficial effects. That is why we want you to know our natural and organic coloring method 100% based on henna and medicinal plants, because we know that it will conquer you. If you are one of those who are looking for a true 100% natural color, without PPD, without resorcinol, without nickel, or kathon, this is your color.

It is the combination of 14 medicinal plants and organic flowers, which covers 100% gray hair, obtaining beautiful natural reflections without damaging the hair fiber. It also strengthens and restructures the hair and restores balance to the scalp. Yes, it is wonderful; it not only respects it but improves it!

We rely on six mixtures to achieve a wide range of very natural shades, which will add an intense shine to your hair without damaging it, providing more thickness and volume.

Forget about itching and allergies! Being an exclusively organic coloration, it does not cause itching or chemical allergies.

You know, if you are in Stockbridge, come and see us and let yourself fall in love with the power of plants.


At Touched by an angel salon we not only care about the beauty of your hair, but we constantly work to offer you the best natural treatments, in order to improve the health of your hair and contribute to your well-being.

For this reason, we now welcome you to our salon, with this new treatment (included in our styling service), the 100% natural purifying and detoxifying peel, based on plants, clay and biodynamic essential oils.

It is much more than a simple natural hair peeling, it is a ritual of pure well-being for the skin, hair and mind.

Because beautiful hair begins with a healthy and balanced scalp. Therefore, a gentle and natural cleaning, free of chemicals, is essential. Our skin and hair, like our mind, are affected by the stress of our fast pace of life. This, added to the aggressive treatments that we undergo on many occasions, influence Negatively on its balance, causing damage and problems to the scalp.

This revolutionary regenerating treatment with 100% natural ingredients from biodynamic agriculture purifies and detoxifies the scalp, preventing imbalances and anomalies. It brings vitality and softness to your hair and thanks to its pure essential oils, it is a powerful aromatherapy experience, which brings you well-being and relaxation. You just have to choose the essential oil blend according to your needs:

  • Strengthening and stimulating.
  • Relaxing.
  • Antioxidant and nutrient.

Come on, you will come out as new!

Its composition based on fair trade Amazonian pink clay, washing nuts, stems of ecological horsetail, biodynamic savory leaves and mixtures of biodynamic essential oils, cleans and regenerates in a gentle and non-aggressive way.

In addition, following the phases of the moon, the power of its ingredients increases and the treatment is more effective. What is fantastic!

Every time you come to wash and comb your hair in our salon, we will apply this fabulous and exclusive welcome ritual to your natural hair, as it is included in this service.

Come see us and let yourself be pampered.

Yes, you can also come to Touched by an angel beauty Salon and do just the natural peeling, call us and we will explain it to you.