Trending Fashion Ideas For Girls Festive Look


Girls from a very little age like to dress up, stay prim and proper, make hairstyle and put on matching accessories. They even like to put on makeup just like the way their mothers do, and wear heels and walk around in them and wear all kinds of jewellery to match their outfit. 

So this article is for all those little ones who want to wear girl’s party dresses and just look like a real Disney princess. From the latest fashion ideas for casual wear to a festive look, we have it all listed down for the girls, so they can dress up for this summer. These fashion ideas also apply to small babies and toddlers as the clothing and fashion market is saturated with all the wardrobe essentials. The key is to keep an eye on such buying spots for your little girls and babies. 

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Festive look for girls

Long gone are the days when you just used to put your baby in a plain bodysuit. The idea of dressing up your little girls, as small as babies are now very common as plenty of baby girl dresses are now available at almost every brand’s store. From tiny little cute girl’s frocks to skirts, shorts, pants, rompers, dungarees, shalwar kameez etc., you name it, and it’s there in the clothing market out there.

Our local brands such as Minnie minors, Breakout, Pepperland, Hopscotch, Outfitters, etc. have got a variety of eastern and western summer outfits for all ages. Talking about festive clothing for kids, especially girls, for events like Eid, Weddings, Christmas, New Year’s Eve etc. you can look into these options of the brands and styles. None of these styles is complete without matching accessories such as jewellery, shoes, purse, glasses, etc.

Trending dresses for girls

For events like friend’s get together or birthday parties, girls usually tend to have numerous options of kids birthday dress.  Frocks are a very much universal option, however, if you are looking for something different and unique, look out for jumpsuits, long dresses, skirts with a blouse, fancy shirts with skinny denim and so forth. 

Other than parties and special events, summer trousers are also a good yet comfortable option for the summer season for outings like picnics in the park, school trips or while traveling. Hence, comfortable clothing is the key, when it comes to kids wear for girls. You can choose from trousers, t-shirts, jogger pants, buttoned shirts and straight jeans, along with a pair of sneakers, trainers or espadrilles. 

Some casual yet trending dressing options

Clothes such as straight trousers or pajamas are a great option for loungewear to feel relaxed and chilled out. Hence, we would recommend that whenever you intend to buy your girl’s summer clothes for home and casual wear in summers, look out for trousers. There are many trendy and stylish trousers available around us in the market such as side tape, cut and sew, double pockets, printed, color contrasting and so forth. 

On the other hand, buy shirts that are loose-fitting of an inch or two so that your little one feels comfortable at home. Shirt designs such as buttoned, or check shirts for girls are a good option, but shirts with minimal embroidery or embellishment are also good to go for casual and at-home attire as girls always like something fancy.

Online shopping for clothes

With the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become quite challenging to go to shopping malls and stores with small babies and children. Hence everywhere in the world, online shopping has become quite a norm when it comes to children’s clothes. The chances of the Covid-19 to spread becomes more around festive days due to overcrowding in public places and markets. But worry not, as all leading brands provide all kinds of festive dresses for girls on their official website. So relax at home and order away your daughter’s fancy dress for the big day without any hassle and risk. 

Complete the look with matching accessories.

A girl always idolizes her mother for what she is and how she carries herself. Thus from a very small age, little girls copy their mother in terms of dressing, makeup and accessories.

As mentioned earlier, a girl’s attire is never complete without putting on matching accessories. For birthday parties, a friendly get-together, carrying a purse, shoes, the jewelry should always be on point. Similarly for festive events, the amount of “fancy” can not be justified, or we should say, too much fancy is always less. Along with that, matching bangles, hair accessories, etc are typical attire. 

Such accessories and clothing items are now available for even babies as small as a newborn. Cut little matching booties, hats, headbands, knitted sandals and a lot more