Try These Combinations of Exterior Paint to fall in Love with Your House


“Home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms.”-William J. Bennett.

It feels remarkably great to be at your home after a long hectic routine. Surely, words can’t describe how it does feel to be at a securest place. Just seeing your home can give an emotional burst that even plants look alluring to you.

So, don’t you think the incredible feeling of getting happy after seeing your home should stay longer?

Definitely, everyone wishes to have a magnificent home, and interestingly your home’s paint color plays a considerable role in making it look enticing. If you want an amazing home, you must try chic & elegant exterior paint combinations for your house. Remember, hiring professional Exterior House Painters Toronto always work like the cherry o the top. This way, you can get the desired house paint without lifting a brush.

You must know that selecting a single-color for the outside of your home is not a sensible decision because a single color never adds a wow factor in the house. But interestingly, choosing two or more hues for this purpose can make the decision more challenging. Whether you want to give a contemporary look to your house or looking for a simple style, your choice always MATTERS.

Colors say a lot about your house, so it is always preferable to choose them wisely. The chosen colors should be contextual to the environment, your region, and the neighborhood. Stop fretting if you don’t know anything about the best color combination for exterior house paint because we have found-out the enthralling blend of multiple hues.

  • Two-Tone Olive

It is one of the finest choices to give a complete craft-man style look to your home. Surely, two-tone olive makes the outer side of your house elegant and pleasing to the eyes. However, if you want to make it look more attractive, then it is recommended to add a yellowish-orange stain on the front door. Do you know why it’s important to add vibrant shade on the front door? It is a subtle way to grab the attention of visitors without any effort. If you are looking for a stylish yet decent combination, choose this combination without a doubt.

  • Grey & Putty

Generally, this color combination is considered perfect for the Midwest home, but why not try it for the exterior of your house? These soft and natural shades can make your house stand out from the crowd. Interestingly, the Grey and Putty combination looks captivated enough to complement your neighbors’ houses as well.

So, what makes you not to try this combination? Simply, the selection of Grey & Putty hues is the perfect choice for your home.

  • Red & Black

WOW! What a startling combination to deem. Red color not always signifies danger; it is the finest representation of love and empathy as well. That’s why; Red is known as a classic color. Nevertheless, Red is the optimum choice for the exterior of small houses because they can handle it extremely well. Moreover, adding black accents in the shutters or front door always goes great with red. You can set it off by white trim as this way it will look more striking.

Keep one thing in mind that adding more Red color can make your house weird and bizarre. So, it is better to take recommendation of expert exterior house painters as it can help you make a reasonable choice. Otherwise, your wrong decision can have a bad impact on the overall aesthetic of your home.

  • Grey & Blue

Blue is one of the most desirable and favorite colors, as everyone admires it a lot. Also, Grey compliment blue shade like cake compliments tea. Both of these hues are perfect for each other, and they both look great together. Grey is a neutral color and looks awesome with every style of your home. You can add grey bricks with blue paint on the wall. Surely, it is one of the most popular choices to consider if you truly want to give an awe-inspiring look to your home.

  • Lime & Charcoal

Another superb choice to give a bold statement to latest-styled houses. No matter if you have a small house or looking for a perfect combination for your castle, this color combination never goes out of the style. It’s your choice to add a bright pop of color on the front door. Everything looks amazing with Lime and Charcoal hue.

Final Words

No doubt, paint can have a substantial impact on the aesthetic of your house, but a professional painter can make your home look “Eww to Wow.” So, consider all the major factors before choosing the color and ideal painter for your home.