TV Drama addiction


Whatever you focus on grows. It’s a law of nature, like aerodynamics, like buoyancy, like gravity. Your belief in it has nothing to do with it. You don’t have to believe in gravity to fall on your face. You don’t have to believe in charm, you just create with every idea you can think of.

The problem is not attractive. It happens no matter what you do. The question is what you focus on, or whether you focus at all. Those who succeed in this game are called living, happy people. Successful people have one thing in common. It’s about knowing what you want and doing it. They have a clear vision for themselves and act in line with that vision. Interest gives them the people, places, and situations they need to move them forward.

People who are dissatisfied with their lives usually know exactly what they don’t want. They can count everything that bothers them. But, except perhaps a million dollars, they can’t tell you exactly what they want. Even if they get it, they won’t know what to do with it. There are many stories of suddenly earning a million dollars ruining your life. As a business and life coach, my first question to potential new clients is whether they know what their minds want. Many couldn’t answer. They have no clues and don’t spend time finding them. Others know what they want. They answered immediately. But when I asked what actions they took to achieve that goal, I got a blank stare. They may not be doing or getting what they want from life. Their focus expands, which causes boredom. Michael Beckwiz calls boredom the effort needed to curb your own creativity.

The human mind is a powerful computer that does not work well when not in use. Patience is one of the most difficult things for humans to learn, as our minds like to do things. When the mind is bored, it wants to focus on something. It seeks entertainment and nothing is more interesting than a Pinoy TV. The ever-growing number of news shows on television are built on the premise of attacking you with a series of dramas that are cleverly presented in a fascinating way: entertainment in the guise of information. The Law of Attraction is uninterrupted due to the evening news. What you are focusing on is still growing. You are influenced by what you take. Drama is your focus.

Let’s experiment. Watch out for conversations with other people next week. How often do you get to the latest news dramas, even if you start talking about something else: rain, floods, economy, or unemployment statistics. The drama is as addictive as a drug. You want more and more and you take it where you find it. Soon you may get caught up in a drama in your friend’s life, or get dressed in the latest causes of celebrities, such as the environment, breast cancer, and whale relief. Check carefully, do you like it because you really care about it, or is it something that keeps you busy? Can I just use my favorite drama? The law of attraction never sleeps. If drama is your focus, drama is what you get. The evening news became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Have you lost your job? Is your marriage collapsing? Sure, you won’t get bored anymore!

Stop! It’s worth a break today, but don’t go to McDonald’s-control your life! You have a say in your future! Start making the life you want, the life you should live. Break the bond. Turn off the news. Pick up the pen and focus on yourself. Write down your wildest dreams about your life. What did you always want to do? Let your imagination dominate freely. When the excitement of one’s life is inherited, the drama becomes uncompetitive. Then take action. Create a vision board that will help you bring your dreams to the fore and keep them in the center. Keep it where you can see it when you wake up in the morning. Meditate daily to make sure the next step is indicated before performing that step. Stop living the lives of others. Start your life now.