Top Five Summer Treks in India

Valley of Flowers trek

The Himalayas are more than a hill. It’s an icon. It’s an icon. They have attracted explorers from far and distant to test their mettle against the power of the show-covered sentinels, home to several of the highest mountains worldwide. This is not an easy endeavor as anyone would admit, but overcoming the hurdles will leave you with a sense of pride that you have never felt. Go on the best summer treks in the Himalayas we offer.

In the Himalayas, there are several walking pathways, some suited for beginners and amateurs, and others worthy of seasoned professionals. The scenery is immensely diverse even though there is always snow and ice, however just in parts. The paths lead past lush wilderness, where horses graze, tastefully beautiful terrain and snowy areas challenge your skills.

Table of Contents

1. Valley of flower trek

The Valley of Flowers trek is an easy to moderate hike offering unique access to the fleeting Uttarakhand Himalayas. It is also regarded as a wonderful trek, even for families and children. You also have the opportunity to visit Hemkund Sahib’s highest pilgrimage site. The valley is 2 km broad and 8 km long, and between July and mid-September is the greatest time to visit. This walk normally has a temperature of from 5 to 20 degrees Celsius. And even when you hike and the valley has a thick cloud cover, you can expect modest rainfall. In 1931 a group of mountaineers, who had returned from an expedition to Mount Kamet, unexpectedly discovered the valley. This team included Frank Smythe, Eric Shipton, and RL Holdsworth.

2. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is a 6-day trip through Uttarakhand Govind Pashu Vihar National Park (not to be confused with the famed Kedarnath Temple) (6 when including the travel days from Dehradun to the base camp and back). Kedarkantha is easily one of India’s most popular treks, both for seasoned trekkers and newcomers. One of the reasons for this trek’s appeal is the ascent to the summit. The trails of Kedarkantha combine all the complexities and challenges of a summit experience but on a much smaller scale, starting in the weekends at cold temps with headlights lighting up the trail. This tour stretches over 20 miles over 5 days and, due to the modest distances, it is suited for first-time trekkers. The hike starts from Sankri, a common point of departure for several Uttarakhand walks.

3. The Goechala Trek 

Goecha La is more than a mountain pass. The window views out onto the third tallest mountain in the world, Mount Kanchenjunga. This is a mountain-climbing base camp that aims to conquer the spectacular summit. It offers views of various highlands of the Himalayas as well as Talung, Rathong, and Kabru N. At an altitude of 16,200 meters the pass opens up a white world intermingled with flowering flowers, rivers, and woodlands. It is one of the top Himalayan summer treks due to its spectacular splendor. The Goechala Trek isn’t for the weak. It is a demanding journey and you must be prepared and willing to spend hours walking. This trail starts from Yuksom town and continues through hikes including Sachen and Dzongri to Goechala to return home.

4. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

One of the world’s most popular hikes is the Annapurna base camp trek. You are physically confronted by an eight-thousander – unbelievable for a moderately demanding walk! The interesting Annapurna mountain comprises the 10th tallest mountain in the world. The mountaineering attraction of Annapurna I (8091 m) is practically lethal. It has the greatest fatality rate of 8,000. The ABC trip contains various jewels for mountain lovers, this formidable aura alone. The trek attracts many trekkers from throughout the globe because of its renowned fame. You reach a maximum height of 13,549 ft over 6 days of walking. Amazingly gorgeous is the trail to the Annapurna Base Camp. You will find the most impressive vegetation and fauna as you go through the Annapurna Sanctuary. You will almost get away with the great vista of the Annapurna Massif from the base camp.

5. Kuari Pass Trek

The Kuari pass trek located in Garhwal Himalayas is a 33km long excursion with a visit to major pilgrim cities such as Rishikesh, Devprayag, Joshimath, and Haridwar. The hike is renowned to allow you to view Mount Nanda Devi, the second tallest mountain in India. The 12,516 ft. high walk will provide you a peek view of Dronagiri, Chitrakantha, Chaukhamba, and Tali top. Your way is even more scenic due to the interlude of wild meadows, lovely rhododendron forests, and oak trees. On the walk, you may also enjoy the hypocritical views of holy rivers such as Alakananda and Bhagirathi which will make the climb more interesting Visit us: