Victorian Antique Jewelry- Declare Your Love the Most Elegant and Classic Way

Victorian Antique Jewelry

Victorian jewelry is all about class and elegance. The style of the jewelry from the Victorian era is greatly influenced by the characteristics of the period, full of royal elegance and immortal romance that we can still find today. Every girl dreams of being gifted by her beloved with these exquisite jewels from the past era.

Vintage Diamond Rings have a special allure about them regardless of their design and purpose. The Victorian era, the era of Queen Victoria, was an era of romance and was marked by the queen’s marriage to Prince Edward. The designs of the jewelry were and are still dating very popular all around the world. The jewelry from the era is very delicate and unique in its style.

Antique Victorian Jewelry

The Victorian Era is one of the most influential eras for antique and estate jewelry. The beauty f Victorian jewelry, especially the Vintage Engagement Rings are classically ornate, yet very elegant and delicately detailed.

The Victorian Era (1837 to 1901) was an era of Queen Vitoria. It was an era that was romantic, and this could be seen in her love for her husband and motherly devotion for her children. As with the fashion, décor, and architecture of the Victorian era, Victorian Jewelry too had its symbolic sentiments and designs. It made use of colorful gemstones set over rose or yellow gold in a variety of styles, gems, and metals. And the best part, no two pieces of Victorian Jewelry, you will find is alike.

The jewelry from the Victorian Era was stylish, and divided into three periods:

  1. The Romantic Period
  2. The Grand Period, and the
  3. The Late/Aesthetic Period

Victorian Jewelry is characterized by three components:

  1. The string focus on figurative motifs with sentimental subject matters
  2. Composed of unusual materials, techniques, and non or semi-precious stones, and
  3. Made of production manufactured metals

A few of the most elegant, attractive, and expensive Victorian Jewelryare of the Etruscan style. It was a style that used a granulation technique to produce very small or minute gold beads soldered to the body of the jewelry piece.

Vintage engagement rings: An exquisite piece of jewelry for your beloved

Vintage engagement rings are a symbol of timelessness, regality, and romance. They are a perfect choice for your beloved. When picking that special ring for that extra-special someone, the allure of vintage engagement rings is unmatched.

Your lady is special to you and you would always want her to feel the same way. For any woman, an engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry, it is her dream. Vintage engagement rings are special as they are precious and priceless. They are priceless for the love they promise, making your love story unique and precious as they are. They stand for lifelong investment apart from being symbolic to your love through eternity.

Now, overwhelm your lady love with joy and surprise by gifting her vintage engagement ring, symbolic of the spark of fire and durability of your sincere self.