Wait! You have been Packaging your Gifts all wrong


Are you one of those who direct all their resources in making an excellent luxury gift product? However, it feels like appearances don’t matter when it comes to packaging? If so, then stop right here and hear us out! What if we are to tell you that you’ve got it all wrong? Your packaging matters just as much as your product does. Steve Jobs once said,’ packaging can be theatre. It can tell a story. If your packaging is just as plain as soup, how do you expect to catch your customer’s attention?

The world that we live in is bursting with colors. Consumers enjoy associating themselves with the prettiest things. Where rivals are trying to take you down on every step, standing out is crucial for any entrepreneur to survive. You may already know this, but still, believe us when we say that paying attention to your packaging changes the game. Printing your boxes is just as important as making your product eye-catching. Because this is what branding is all about.

 What all the hype is about? You must be wondering. Let us help you catch the drift. Ask yourself a question.

Why do people want to buy gifts?

If you are selling gift products to your consumers, you saw the potential in the market. It goes without saying that people are buying your product for one of two reasons:

  • They want to share gifts with their loved ones to symbolize love, care, and gratitude.
  • It is a social obligation to exchange gifts on some formal occasions, and they are fulfilling that.

That makes sense. Now, since we have cleared why people want to buy gifts, let us ask ourselves what type of gifts they would like to buy

Types of gifts people like to buy

  • Appearance is what matters to most people when it comes to shopping for gifts. A lovely fragrance wrapped in an exquisite bottle, an antique watch encased in an equally eye-catching box. This is what people like to buy as gifts.
  • A unique style of packaging is what is given a lot of importance when shopping for a gift. Consumers are critical of boxing. The luxurious the packaging box is the more chances of the gift being bought off the shelf.
  • The quality of the product significantly matters for the target customer. Likewise, the quality of the alluring luxury gift boxes is also given equal importance. If one of the two lacks this domain, the product may not make it out of the store.

What can be done about packaging?

For gifts, in particular, simple cardboard boxes and brown paper packaging is out of the question. If you want your gift products to sell like hotcakes, then put in more effort. Try getting your boxes printed. Make them flamboyant with colors. Put on your logo or brand name on the outer box. Throw in some box designs that compliment your product.

According to one research, a consumer makes a decision that is 64% impulsive. They like something, and they take it home. It would be safer to increase this percentage where gifts are concerned because their decisions are made emotionally. For this purpose, here are some ways to improve your plain old boxes and make them look tantalizing.

  • Get your luxury gift boxes printed.

Printing on customizes messages on the packaging box or putting words on there is an excellent way of making your simple box look attractive. A great example of this is a perfume brand, “SHE.” On every Body Spray bottle, they have a message printed. “She is pretty,” “She is fun,” and so on. This makes the customer feel special and urges them to buy the Body Spray for their loved ones.

  • Having pictures pasted on Boxes is also trendy.

Many budding entrepreneurs come up with brilliant ideas. A new way to grab customers is by customizing the packaging of chocolates or wallets by drawing or pasting pictures of loved ones provided by consumers. This elevates the overall package, and it sells fast.

  • Use your packaging as a way of branding.

The packaging gives you an excellent chance at branding. Be it presents or simple products, printing brand names or logos can help companies communicate with their consumers regarding their brand. The colors can leave a visual imprint on the memories which remain for a long time.

How beneficial can printing boxes be?

There are several benefits of getting your boxes printed upon with words, colors, a particular design, or a logo. Keep reading to find them out:

  • High brand recall

Written words and imprinted images can increase brand recall. Colorful packaging can attract consumers, fascinate them and imprint your brand in their brain.

  • Customer retention

Research shows that 5% of customer retention can lead to a 25% increase in profits. Retaining old customers is more accessible than finding new ones all the time. Delightful packaging can help you with that.

  • Improved brand image

Exciting designs and good packaging show consumers you care for them, which can improve your brand image.

  • Better brand recognition

Brand recognition is done through self-marketing. Having printed boxes are one way of self-marketing. Engaging the visual sense of consumers can lead them to remember and recognize your brand better than any other method.