What Are The Best Modes Of Transport In Melbourne City?

Springvale taxi

Organizing holidays abroad especially in Melbourne on your own often involves the need to solve basic logistics problems. One of them is arranging transport from the airport to the hotel, most often located in the city center. You have several options to choose from, but you always have to decide whether it should be cheap or convenient. It is impossible to combine both of these issues. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular means of transport.

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One of the main benefits of using a Springvale taxi is saving time. Compared to other possibilities, especially to public transport, a taxi does not run according to the schedule and does not have a specific designated route. What’s more, when using taxis, we avoid stopping at bus stops. Taxi is also a great alternative to traveling by own car. This is especially true in situations where we care about time. Taxi drivers know the city very well, they can see how to avoid traffic jams, so they will take us to our destination very quickly.


  • Convenience,
  • Security,
  • No problems – taxis are available right from the terminal,
  • Save time looking for other means of transport,


If the destination airport is connected to the city via the subway, it is definitely worth taking advantage of this option. You just need to make sure that the queue is operational during the hours you plan to arrive at your destination. You can easily buy a ticket at the machine or at the ticket office. It will be cheap and fast, but of course much less convenient.

  • For many people traveling by subway in an unfamiliar city is very stressful,
  • Less convenience – you have to take care of tickets yourself, find yourself at the station, get off in the right place, carry suitcases.


Definitely the cheapest, but also the least convenient option. We can confidently recommend the bus to those who do not want to spend large amounts on such mundane things as transport. An additional advantage is that you can feel the atmosphere of the place on the bus and experience your first adventure in a foreign country.

  • Low level of comfort, especially with a lot of luggage,
  • Very long travel time,

The need to get acquainted with the city to get off at the right stop (or break and ask the locals about it).

Shuttle Bus

Some hotels offer their guests a Shuttle Bus service which is really worth using. This is often a way to get to the property free of charge – just show the driver the proof of booking. Unfortunately, hotel buses only run at scheduled times.

  • This is not a guaranteed option – you need to make sure in advance that the hotel has its own bus,
  • The bus operating hours may not coincide with the arrival time.

So, if you like to travel in convenience then that will be provided by a Noble Park taxi. Of course, a lot depends on the specific airport and the transport options it offers.