What Causes Flat Back Syndrome And How To Correct It?


Perfect posture is always needed to keep your body healthy and in good shape. The natural setting of back-to-front curves maintains the overall central gravity of a human body. Also, they are quite supportive to maintain and keep our body in a vertical condition. However, some alternative curves, including kyphosis and lordosis, can influence the overall effect of gravity on our body. Resultantly, our body moves with the most acceptable posture and without incurring much effort.

Nevertheless, the lower body starts losing balance after dropping the desired shape of Lordosis. This inappropriate change isn’t healthy for the human body as it makes individual to lean forward. This appalling condition is known as ‘flat back syndromeand its quite common these days.

Flat Back Syndrome and Its Main Causes

In general, there isn’t a particular cause of ‘FBS’ as the problem varies from patient to patient. Usually, degenerative disc disease, complications in post-lumbar fusion and compression fractures can trigger this issue. Patients with inappropriate sitting posture or sluggish routine are having more probability of FBS than others.

Mainly; following are some common flatback syndrome symptoms including;

  • Problem is standing upright for a relatively long time.
  • Sluggishness and muscle fatigue
  • The issue in moving neck
  • Undesirable pain in the lower back
  • Pain in thigh and groin

Ignoring symptoms mentioned above can make FBS more problematic, and it becomes challenging to walk by maintaining a proper posture.

How to Correct Flat Back Syndrome?

There are several ways to correct FBS. A proper discussion and consultant with a professional pain management specialist can help you choose the desired treatment for you.

However; here’s what you can do to lessen or mitigate the adverse effect of FBS on your body. In other words, we are presenting some practical ways to correct FBS.

  • The first and most effective way to correct FBS is to go for physical therapy. Remember; it is always suggested to continue physical therapy with proper medications as it speeds-up the healing process. The ultimate purpose of physical therapy is to correct gait and posture. It helps in restoration of inappropriate posture depending on the intensity of the issue. Your doctor suggests you go for surgery in extreme cases because no physical therapy and medication can correct complicated FBS symptoms.
  • An exceptionally designed surgical branch known as ‘osteotomy’ corrects all the misalignment related to human spinal. You can’t go for any of the osteotomy forms as your orthopaedic physician can suggest the most suitable form based on your medical history. Usually, your physician recommends non-surgical methods to treat FBS. But, you need to undergo surgical treatment if the medication stops showing the evident results.

Alternate Treatments for Flat Back Syndrome

As we mentioned earlier, physical therapy is always sufficient to treat FBS properly. Some essential exercises, including strengthening and stretching, are suitable to keep your body in a proper posture.

You can also go for abdominal stretches and Hamstring to keep the problem at bay.

Here’s the list of some practical exercises you can try;

  • Planking
  • Back Extensions
  • Chest Stretches
  • Leg Raising
  • Pull-ups

Undoubtedly, the exercises mentioned above are useful in correcting your body posture. But, if you feel no improvement, then you must seek expert’s assistance before it’s too late. The professionals are a pro at managing such issues.

When it’s the Ideal Time to See the Pain Management Specialist

Generally, FBS can be corrected by taking some physical therapies and exercises. But, if it persists for a longer time and hinders your causal activities, then you should think about visiting the nearest pain clinic.

Here’s the list of some alarming situations that make it compulsory to consider FBS properly.

  • Your back pain stays for more than a week.
  • Your back pain makes it difficult to sleep peacefully at night.
  • You find it difficult to maintain an ideal/correct body posture.
  • You have lethargy, tiredness and sluggishness.
  • Any other undesirable symptoms

Surely, FBS can decrease your work-life productivity and effectiveness. That’s why; it should be treated in the first place. Any delay and hold-up can make the issue difficult to manage.

Visit the Nearest Pain Clinic Immediately

Undeniably, FBS can adversely affect your body, health and overall living standards. That’s why; you should take the issue seriously if you truly intend to spend a vigorous life.

Remember; avoid self-medication and therapies without identifying the intense of the problem. It is always suggested to consult a professional and well-educated pain management specialist for this purpose. Only a competent doctor can identify the root causes of FBS and effective ways to correct it. So, prioritize a healthy life over anything else and go for professional treatment for ideal results.