What is the Military, Really?

Really Military

What is military? Military is a term that refers to a group of people who have been put together for a specific purpose. In this case, the purpose of the military is to protect and serve their country. The military can be divided into three different components: land, sea, and air. There are also branches of the military such as the Marines, Navy Seals, Coast Guard, etc., but this post will focus on land-based forces only.

The United States has had some type of organized fighting force since its founding in 1776. There was no single army at first but different local militias that were usually formed by wealthy members of society who could afford weapons and equipment for their group(s). After winning independence from Great Britain in 1783 many Americans felt that there was no longer a threat from across the Atlantic Ocean so they disbanded their militias and went back to civilian life until threats arose again later on in our history as you will see shortly! In 1792 Congress created what would become our modern US Army with an act called “An Act Establishing an Uniform Militia Throughout the United States. I am going to silicon valley essay this act (and most others I talk about in this post) by referring to it as the “Act” or “Uniform Militia Act”. This act established the US Army with one regiment of infantry, one regiment of artillery, and one troop of cavalry. It also created the office of Commanding General who would be appointed by the President!

The first-ever Commanding General was an American hero named George Washington. He was also our first President so he had to resign his commission as Commander in Chief before taking on his new role as CIC for the Army! The reason why I’m telling you all this is because it shows that there has always been some type of structured military system attached to our country since its founding. There just wasn’t a single, formal army until 1792 when congress created it! Think about how many wars we’ve been involved in since then!! It’s amazing how much fighting force we have built up over time!!! 

Even though Washington resigned his position once he became CIC for the Army, he never accepted a salary for doing so. He did not need it because he already had a pretty good salary! He was the only President to ever do this and it sets an excellent example for future Commanders in Chief to follow.

The original US Army’s purpose was to protect the country from invading forces and organize militias into a single fighting force. Then, if necessary, they could be used as a militia force again if needed. This is why our first Coast Guard didn’t even exist until 1915! That’s right, there wasn’t any United States Coast Guard until just over 100 years ago!! There was no reason for it before then because our Navy took care of any water-based threats that arose.

Our navy is also discussed in the Uniform Militia Act so I will also cover some info on them here. The Navy is also a group of people who have been put together for the purpose of protecting the nation’s interests by using our ships across the ocean. They are a land-based force but they use water-based transportation to get around!

During World War I, Congress created a separate military force called the National Guard. This was because we were going to be at war for an extended period of time and needed more soldiers than just those in active duty service. In fact, all wars up until that point only lasted a few years at most! The problem was that once our soldiers came home from fighting overseas, they did not have much place in civilian life anymore so they needed something else to do with their lives. That’s why many former soldiers joined up with local militias or even started their own militias when they got back from war so this is how we ended up with what we know as “militias” today! But it wasn’t until after World War I that this happened because previously there wasn’t any need for them after wars ended other than keeping peace in America while everyone settled back into normal life again!

In 1917 Congress added another branch to our military called the United States Marine Corps (USMC). These guys are part of the Department of Defense and play an important role in defending American interests overseas from other countries just like our army does domestically.

In 1942, Congress amended the Uniform Militia Act to allow for a reserve force that could be called “up” in times of national emergency. This amendment was called the National Defense Act and established a World War II-era military draft. This is how we were able to quickly build up our fighting capacity during WWII!

The National Defense Act also established a Women’s Army Corps (WAC) which allowed women to serve as officers in the Army for the first time ever! Later on, this was changed so now women have their own separate branch called Army Women’s Corps or WACS! In 1948 Congress divided military forces into three main components: army, navy, and air force. In 1950 they added Coast Guard as its own branch of service but it had been around since 1790 so it wasn’t really a new thing at all!!! The Air Force separated from the Army in 1947 and became its own branch but I included it here because they are still part of our country’s land-based forces just like infantry soldiers who walk on foot or even fight with tanks!